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If you or your children wish to print out some coloring sheets of something absolutely ferocious, then look no further than these wolverine coloring pages. Whether it is the Marvel comics’ famous character or the actual wolverine of the animal kingdom, both are cantankerous and dangerous. Please look at our wolverine coloring pages to find some artistic delight in coloring these printable sheets.

The Wolverine of the Animal Kingdom

Wolverines are small, compact, and ferocious. They belong to the skunk, badger, and otter family. Like skunks, they have a musk that they can spray. However, wolverines use their musk to mark territory to warn other predators to keep out. Wolverines, like badgers, have a reputation for being mean and unsociable in the animal kingdom. Wolverines have been known to scare off much larger predators like wolves and bears with their orneriness and ferocity.

Wolverines reside in the far northern areas of Russia, North America, and Europe. While they mainly act as scavengers, finding and eating already dead carcasses, wolverines can also hunt if needed. They are uncommonly strong for their size and have been known to kill prey much larger than themselves.

The more you learn about the wolverine, the more you will realize how remarkable these little creatures are. Kids will love coloring pictures of these ferocious little pocket tanks. Help your kids bring a picture of a wolverine to life by printing out some wolverine coloring sheets.

Wolverine the Superhero

Those who know about the wolverine of the animal kingdom will not find it a surprise that the Marvel comic-book character Wolverine inherited the name. Wolverine is the most famous member of Marvel’s X-Men and appears in comics, graphic novels, movies, and books. Wolverine belongs on the shortlist of most famous superheroes with the members of the Avengers like the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and the renowned antihero Deadpool.

Wolverine has several crossovers and encounters with characters like Hulk and Deadpool. Sometimes, the franchise pits these heroes against each other in the Marvel universe or forces them to work together against a common enemy. Some coloring pages will involve Wolverine interacting with, fighting against, or teaming up with other superheroes.

Wolverine has gone through several makeovers. The most common appearance from the comics is his yellow and black suit with slitted eyes. Yet the advent of the live-action X-Men movies has given Wolverine different costumes, including a more modern black leather look. Also, there may be coloring sheets of Wolverine’s alter ego Logan, who generally sports severe sideburns and a biker’s jacket.

If your child is a fan of the Marvel comics, then Wolverine-themed coloring pages are a must. Whether it is his classic yellow jumpsuit or his more modern aesthetic, Wolverine coloring pages will provide hours of entertainment for your child.

So, get the crayons, colored pencils, and markers out, and get ready to color these ferocious wolverine coloring pages. They are strong, have sharp claws, and are hairy. And I am speaking of both the animal and the superhero when I say that. Don’t miss out on these exciting wolverine coloring pages.