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Thankfully, I have never encountered a pack of wolves out in the wild. While I have seen wolves at a distance many times, I am grateful I have never had to face down one of these impressive canines. Wolf coloring pages can provide a fun activity for adults and children of all ages. The wolf is majestic, fierce, and has a place in the stories and myths of multiple continents. So break out the crayons or colored pencils and enjoy these printable wolf coloring pages.

Types of Wolves

There are nearly 60 subspecies of the wolf, and these animals range all over the world. In North America, there are three types of wolves; the Gray Wolf, the Timber Wolf, and the Red Wolf. Gray wolves are prevalent in the Northwest of the US, Canada, and Alaska. These are the largest species of wolf as they can weigh as much as 120 pounds. These massive canines hunt big game in their big packs. Many of the coloring pages of wolves will be depicting the gray wolf. The Timber Wolves and Red Wolves are smaller in size and hunt smaller game. They also are less social than the Gray Wolf and sometimes track by themselves or in pairs. Red Wolves are distinct by the red fur along their backs or on the tufts of their ears.

Wolf Packs

Wolves are social animals; they create packs with a distinctive hierarchy-the alpha male and female lead the pack. The alphas lead the pack, are the only wolves to mate, and always eat first. There is a distinct order of things within the wolf pack, but this order is fluid, as other pack members can challenge the alphas. In a way, the alpha is chosen through ritual combat; the loser must leave the pack and be a lone wolf until they find another place to live or start their own pack.

A coloring page that depicts the wolf pack can be an excellent activity for fans of wolves. Coloring multiple wolves in the same picture allows kids to be creative in providing different looks and patterns for the various wolves. Wolf coloring pages that depict wolves in combat are another great scene of wolves in action. Kids will love coloring pages that display multiple wolves.

Wolves and Native Americans

The wolf definitely made its impression on the Native American tribes. Multiple tribes revered the wolf, and some even domesticated wolves for companions and to use for hunting. Many of the coloring pages will depict wolves with a Native American. These coloring pages are not only fun to color, but they showcase the mythological and spiritual reverence that many of the native tribes held for wolves.

Wolf Legends and Mythology

Many other cultures, legends, and mythologies have a special reverence for wolves and famous wolves. In the story of the founding of Rome, Romulus and Remus were said to be nursed by a mother wolf named Lupa. Amongst the mythology of the Norse, the fateful twilight of the gods, Ragnarok, will consist of an epic battle between Odin and a giant wolf named Fenrir. In the struggle, it is predicted that Fenrir will defeat Odin. Amongst gothic literature, the legend of the wolfman came into being-a man bitten by a wolf who then is cursed to turn into a wolf himself each full moon. Another famous story is from The Jungle Book, where Mogli is literally raised by wolves in the jungle.

Coloring sheets of these famous legends and stories are other ways that kids will enjoy wolf coloring pages. Werewolves, giant god-killing wolves, or individuals raised by wolves have influenced popular culture for hundreds of years. Your kids will love coloring a wolf picture and the exciting scene it displays.