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A vampire boy raises his cloth cape up, as the big full moon hides behind the clouds.
An illustration of a slim vampire wearing a smile as he explores the creepy woods on a full moon.
An illustration of a vampire with funny eyes, raising his arms as bats fly above the graveyard on a starry night.
An illustration of a vampire showing off a proud stance in the middle of a spooky castle hallway.
An illustration of a funny-looking vampire standing on the cobblestone path that leads all the way to his creepy, but cool-looking house.
An illustration of a realistic-looking vampire snarling as a couple of bats fly above him towards his castle.
A vampire bat with pumpkin hand puppets raises its arms as 5 fluffy monsters grin in the background.
A slender vampire with a menacing look, stands in the middle of a graveyard as he is lit by the moonlight.
An illustration of a happy vampire flying with 4 bats on a starry night, with the full moon as their backdrop.
A vampire spreads his cape so wide that it resembles large bat wings.
An illustration of a vampire in the doorway carrying a Halloween goodie bag and wearing a robe accessorized with a bat necklace.
An illustration of a vampire coming out of his coffin on a starry night.
An illustration of a vampire at the end of a hallway, bending his knees, baring his fangs, and raising both arms.
An illustration of a lanky vampire with one hand peeking out of his cape as he stands in the middle of a graveyard.
An illustration of a floating vampire accompanied by 3 bats on the way to a house next to some tombstones.
An illustration of a plump vampire with a friendly face, standing beside a wooden coffin.
An illustration of a vampire with a stiff cape posing near a fireplace.
A vampire on the doorway prepares to do some hypnosis as two bats circle around him.
An illustration of a vampire mid-transformation, flying clumsily into the air.
Two humans are shocked at seeing a vampire drinking his milkshake with double straws as his ghost friend eats a bowl of ice cream.
An illustration of a manly vampire with one arm outstretched and another covered by a cape as he stands under the moonlight with a bat and a cat close by.

Spooky and Fun Facts About Vampires for Amazing Kids

Hey, Y’all! What’s up, dudes? I’ve got a confession today. I was scared of vampire movies. Please, don’t laugh. But now I have many, many years in my life, so I’m no longer afraid of these make-believe creatures. Do you think I was a coward?

Let’s get started.

What Is a Vampire?

First, a vampire doesn’t exist in real life. It’s a make-believe creature whose stories people have told from one generation to another. Vampires are fearsome creatures in stories and legends. Their stories come from Eastern Europe. And the modern vampires in movies originate from a well-known novel, Dracula by Bram Stoker. Count Dracula is the book’s main character who lives in a spooky castle in Transylvania (modern Romania). 

I remember watching Dracula years ago. Scary stuff. Have you watched vampire movies?

Hollywood released a movie in 1931 that was based on Stoker’s novel. And many people have followed suit to create their versions of vampires. Annie Rice produced the Vampire Chronicles series, while Stephen Meyer created the Twilight Saga series. 

Today, countless books, movies, and other media create different stories about vampires. During Halloween, vampires are among the most popular clothing pieces. 

What Does a Vampire Look like?

How do movie creators present vampires? Vampires’ skin is ashen, and their eyes are pitch black. Because of the blackness of the eyes, it’s not easy to see their pupils. Vampires’ hair is also black. Their fingernails are long.

I always wonder why a vampire has long fingernails. What do you think is the reason?

Also, vampires have teeth that are razor-sharp and known as fangs.  They suck out blood by biting into the skin using their fangs. People who die due to vampires drinking their blood may also become vampires. Vampires’ clothing is also dark. 

Some movies show vampires changing form. They can be bats, rats, cats, wolves, and vampires again. By the way, there are vampire bats in real life.

According to legends, a vampire’s reflection can’t show in a mirror. However, they’ve no problem with the sun. Like nocturnal animals, they hide themselves during the day. Vampires are also fond of counting things.

Here are more spooky things about vampires. 

  • You can kill them in these ways: 
    • cut off their heads
    • tear down the resting place of vampires
    • spray them with vervain spray
    • set them on fire
    • drive a stick through their heart
  • Vampires are enemies of crosses, holy water, garlic, silver, and other religious objects.
  • They can only cross the ocean if they’re in a coffin with some soil surrounding it.
  • Vampires can disappear by clicking their fingers.
  • Their memory is very sharp.
  • They are cold-blooded, like lizards and snakes.
  • A group of vampires is known as a brood, clan, or clutch?

That’s it about vampires. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t want to be a vampire. After all, vampires are from legendary stories.

Welcome to Free Vampire Coloring Pages

Bravo for reading up to this end! I want your kids to have more fun with our comprehensive collection of free printable vampire coloring pages. These beautiful coloring sheets are great for kindergarten and older kids.

Little ones can use colored pencils or crayons to create brilliant illustrations. They can color a drawing of a bit of a vampire. Kids will also shade a coloring page with skeletons, a haunted house, a ghost, vampire characters, and more. Each vampire coloring page is a fun way to better their fine motor skills, creativity and spark their imagination.

One great thing about these Halloween coloring pages is that kids can produce books after doing fun activities.