Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable valentines coloring pages below.

We all love a good love story. Now, imagine having coloring pages that are entirely dedicated to our favorite day for love in the whole world. Yes, that’s right. These valentine’s coloring pages are just what we should do with our kids. This should help us to learn more about love and to find out about crushes and other love interests along the way. Valentine’s Day has a long history, and we don’t know as much as we think we know about it. This is why we should discover these things that we should all know about this famous celebration. What better way to learn than with interactive coloring pages? Keep reading to learn more. 

1. It was a Roman Festival

I was amazed when I found that this popular day wasn’t what we think it was way back in the days. When the Romans ruled everything centuries ago, this day was very different to what we know it to be now. While there are many speculations about what it was, the most common link is that it was a day that celebrated the fertility of women. Although we can’t really come to a concrete conclusion on what this day used to represent, the one thing that’s remained true is that love has been a common theme throughout the different theories. 

2. The Heart Shape is a Plant

We all learned how to draw a heart from the common shape that we see everywhere. However, when I think about it, if we were drawing a real heart shape, it should show the valves and muscles that surround our real hearts. However, there’s a theory that what we consider as a heart shape when we send out our Valentine’s Day cards, is actually an extinct plant. The good news is that our coloring pages don’t need you to complicate any heart shapes. You can still use your red or yellow color pens to color your favorite heart shape. When you’re done, you can even cut out your heart shaped page and repurpose it into a card for your next Valentine’s Day. 

3. Red Roses are for Romance 

If we follow tradition, then we should know that red roses are the closest thing to being romantic. This is why everyone wants to receive a bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day. The best thing about having coloring pages is that you can never have too many red roses to color in. In fact, you can get creative and add modern twists to the roses that you find in your coloring pages. When it comes to roses on Valentine’s Day, there are always many options for you to choose from. 

4. The Color Red is Attractive 

This is a known fact that the color red is one of the brightest and attractive colors on the color wheel. However, I wasn’t aware that wearing this color also helped me to look more attractive. This is why we find a lot of people wearing the color red on Valentine’s Day. Red is also a color that shows our confidence. So, if we want to be slightly daring in our coloring pages, we should think of adding a dash of the color red to make them standout. 

5. Cupid is a Greek God of Love

The story of Cupid is as interesting as the one told about Valentine’s Day. When we color in our pages, we should notice that he isn’t drawn like how Gods are usually drawn. Instead, he is a cherub that almost looks like a naked child. However, Greek mythology tells us that he was a God. First he was known as Eros, but this later changed.