Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable unicorn coloring pages below.

With the beauty and grace of a horse blended with a magical promise of adventure, unicorns are a subject that has enraptured artists young and old throughout the ages. With a collection of downloadable and printable unicorn coloring pages, anyone can create works of art involving these gorgeous animals.

Fanciful Backgrounds

As mythical beasts, unicorns are likely to inhabit a place that’s full of its own mystery and wonder. Take any background scene, find a spot for a unicorn or a herd, and let the magic flow onto the page. I like to take the unicorns from a variety of pages, cut them out, and paste them onto another scene as a way to mix up the type of arts and crafts we’re doing. Castles, forests, glades, and more all make for perfect settings to let your unicorns roam free. Stick a few unicorns into a maze to encourage your child to make it through the winding corridors and rescue their unicorn friends.

One issue you might run into when using the unicorns this way is having unicorns that are much larger than your background. With a digital copy of a coloring page, you can clip an element from one page, shrink the image down, and put it onto another page with just a minute or two of editing.

Mystical Colors

With a classic interpretation, unicorns are primarily white from tip to tail. Your kid might enjoy the pristine look, but mine prefers to put as many bright colors as possible into his. At least one will have a rainbow color, whether on its mane or across its entire body. Since unicorns typically have a featureless body, you can add unique patterns or symbols in bright colors to make each one a unique creation. Not every unicorn has to look at home on a Lisa Frank page, either, if you want to pick one or two firm colors. There’s no right or wrong, as long as you have fun coloring them.

Unlimited Unicorns

You can turn nearly any creature into a unicorn by putting a horn on its head. When you can’t decide between coloring unicorns and coloring sea creatures, put a horn on the underwater animals’ heads to make an endless menagerie of sea unicorns. Put a horn on a cute little bunny to amplify its adorableness. Create a team of unicorn ninjas that take on mystical missions to deliver snacks. Cut out a picture of Superman, color him like Twilight Sparkle, and put a horn on his head. It doesn’t matter if you have a good reason or not, you can put a unicorn horn on anything!

Stylized Interpretations

The timeless appeal of unicorns makes them fit well into any artistic style, and you can find examples dating back centuries to use as a fun history lesson. For an ornate and intricate coloring page, you can fill in the spaces of a baroque unicorn painting. You can find unicorns in particular styles, like both the classic and new My Little Pony. Using the same technique mentioned for putting unicorns on backgrounds, it’s possible to insert a unicorn into any painting after converting the original to black and white.