Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable trucks coloring pages below.

Pickup trucks, car carrying trucks, monster trucks, and big rigs are only a few of the many trucks coloring pages I have seen here on the internet. Printable trucks coloring pages are a great tool for families. We’ve enjoyed the ease and access that having these printables provides our household since we have a bunch of truck-loving kids.

We live out on a farm and everyone loves trucks here more than in the city, I imagine. Take a gander at some of the types of top trucks coloring pages and free monster truck coloring sheets. I’ve come up with a lot of great ideas for anyone trying to find high quality and free trucks coloring pages to print at home.

Free Printable Trucks Coloring Pages for Kids

Sometimes I’m in a rush and want to give my kids something to do to pass the time or help them unwind. Since they love cars and vehicles, I show them some of the free printable trucks coloring sheets I have readily available.

If, by chance, they are interested in something different, we just search for new trucks to print off. It’s super easy! And this makes my life so much easier. Here are some of the most beloved truck coloring sheets for kids I have found so far.

Construction Truck Coloring Sheets

A construction truck coloring page showcases one of the toughest working trucks in the industry. Kids love a construction truck because it’s big, bulky, and classically colored yellow. It’s fun to color this type of trucking page.

Monster Truck Coloring Pages

A monster truck coloring page would possibly tie with construction trucks as the top rated most fun for kids. There are those big mean-looking trucks with the biggest tires on the planet.

Each truck is designed to showcase a wild and possibly scary looking beast or animal. Plus, we love seeing how crazy they make those Monster trucks look–sometimes flipping in the air! Best of all, I won’t have to smell the exhaust if we are only coloring these in at home.

Dump Truck Coloring Pages

A dump truck coloring page is sometimes what I go to when trying to discuss eco-friendly or recycling topics with my kids. If we are talking about going to the dump or recycling center, then this is a go to printable. 

Easy Truck Coloring Sheets

All the easy truck coloring sheets can be printed out easily at home. I enjoy having simple truck pages on hand to also use for templates for art projects. The outline of these simpler drawings is easier to work with compared to more detailed pictures.

Semi Truck Coloring Pages

For families that have a truck driver in the mix, semi truck coloring sheets are the way to go. I see trucks so often that it feels like they are invisible, but to my two-year-old they sure aren’t. She sees them and points them out, but is not quite ready to pick up a large crayon and color them on paper. But I bet you are!

Old Truck Coloring Pages

Some of the old truck coloring pages include vintage autos and hotrods or rat rods like Mater from Cars. These bring up old timey thoughts we have about trucks. Plus, I love coloring on rusting areas on the bumpers! 

Big Trucks Coloring Sheets

As for those big trucks that are just oversized and sort of cartoony, I find they make the perfect drawing model. Big trucks coloring sheets are also wonderful for younger children who may not have much experience with big vehicles quite yet.