Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable trolls coloring pages below.

From their origins as cute dolls to their recent animated adventures involving music and friendship, Trolls are adorable, colorful, and entertaining. With every hue represented somewhere in the Trolls world, coloring pages with Queen Poppy and her pals are sure to be endless fun for creative hands. Here are some ideas that I’ve used to make the most out of coloring pages featuring Trolls.

Set the Party Mood

Before we start coloring, it’s important to set the right atmosphere with some party music. As Trolls: World Tour made a point of teaching, it’s about the feeling that music inspires, not about what type of music it is. We’ll queue up fun or thought-provoking, whether it’s the latest K-Pop boy band, frenetic punk rock, or a vivacious orchestra. We also make sure that there are snacks and drinks, since even a coloring party can work up an appetite. Last but not least, a party needs friends and family. If we can’t meet up in person, I sometimes set up online coloring parties with older siblings and friends from his school so everyone can share conversation, music, and art.

A Better than Technicolor Dreamscape

When we print out a Trolls coloring page, we pull out all of the unique crayons, colored pencils, and markers that we have. The bright neons and shimmering glitter crayons might be difficult to work into another coloring page, but they’ll feel right at home in any Trolls picture.  We don’t stick to just coloring materials, either, and grab the scissors, paste, and everything else we could possibly use. Just having the supplies nearby might inspire us to use them in a way we might have missed if they were stuck on the craft shelf.

Trolls are always bright and dynamic, and I like adding extra flair to their pages when coloring them. There are so many different Trolls that learning them all is difficult, but getting to know their personalities can help us decide how to decorate them.¬†For example, we’ll cover Guy Diamond in a spread of glue before dumping as much glitter as will stick to match his normal love for shimmers and sparkles. Satin and Chenille are always coming out with new styles, so I like to add jewel stickers and other bedazzling elements when coloring them. Queen Poppy loves scrapbooking almost as much as she loves music and parties, which is why I paste as many features as I can onto the page around her.

The Party Never Stops

Trolls are always ready to party, no matter where the party is and who is coming to throw it down. When we’ve colored the Trolls on their own pages, we snip them out and paste them with other cutouts to create a new and exciting picture. Using digital coloring pages, we’ll resize the characters and add them to other pictures before printing out a unique image. When we plan on pasting stickers or scrapbooking materials, we’ll sometimes outline their space ahead of time to better plan the page. We can even skip most of the coloring process by digitally filling in the colors before printing, giving the image a more consistent coloring and making it faster to cut and paste the images. As much as Queen Poppy loves scrapbooking, we feel like she’d be more than happy for us to use her coloring pages in any creative way that we imagine.