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Our kids are always so fascinated by marine animals. Be it when we visit the aquarium, or when we are at home watching our favorite TV shows. Out of all the sea animals that our kids love, starfish seem to pique their interests the most. These stars of the ocean have some remarkable facts that we should all get to know. The great news is that we can have a go at these starfish coloring pages. While we are busy imagining what colors to add, we can do some reading on what makes these fish very interesting for all of us to learn about. Let’s keep on reading to learn more about them. 

1. They Don’t have a Brain and Blood

This is likely one of those bizarre facts that we come across, scratch our heads, and try to figure out how it’s even possible. Yet, this is one of those unbelievable but true facts about these fish. Since they don’t have a brain and blood, it means that there are many things that they can’t do. Take pumping blood for instance. This is a process that requires both the brain and blood to work together. So, how do they ensure that nutrients are adequately pumped into their system? Well, easily. They just use filtered seawater to ensure that it happens. This water pumps the required nutrients through the nervous system. 

Oddly enough, we wouldn’t expect starfish to have a long lifespan. Yet, shockingly, they can live for up to 35 years. This is even longer than some land animals that we know. 

2. Technically, They’re Sea Stars

We have all experienced someone calling us by a different name than they should. Well, think of this in context to our starfish. First things first, we should understand why they have been mislabeled all along and called incorrectly. According to research, this type of fish is related to sea urchins and sand dollars. This means that they don’t have the common physical attributes that we know fish to have. So, when we are busy with our coloring pages, we won’t come across any fins, gills, or scales that we would typically find in other fish. Instead, they are perfectly shaped like a star symbol. As a result, scientists have opted to call them sea stars instead of starfish. They are basically the stars that other fish look at. 

3. They Have Unique Capabilities 

The fact of the matter is that there are many of us who don’t know much about starfish. For example, the one kind of starfish that we see on TV shows comes from what is said to be nearly 2000 species. They are spread across tropical areas, cold waters, and polar regions of our earth. This means that starfish cannot survive in fresher waters. 

Another interesting thing about these fish is that they can regenerate if they lose any of their limbs. But, it can take a while like up to a year for us to see that it has fully grown.

4. They Eat Inside Out

Yes, you read that correctly. This is likely the most intriguing way of eating that I have ever discovered from any animal. When starfish get a hold of their prey, they use the tiny suction cups that they use to hold on to their food. When they know that they have their food where they want it, their stomach does the most bizarre thing that we will ever witness in our coloring pages. It exits their mouth so that it can digest this food. When they are done eating, it goes back into the body.