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Fun Facts About Spider-Man for Kids

What’s going on, clever kids? I know that you’ve watched Spider-Man. Did you know that former President Obama enjoys watching Spider-Man? Yes, that’s right. That’s the reason I’ll tell you plenty of fun facts about Obama’s favorite cartoon. Ready. Go.

  • Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Spider-Man, a fictional superhero. 
  • August 1962 was when the cartoon appeared for the first time in Amazing Fantasy #15.
  • Stan Lee got the idea of Spider-Man after watching a fly.
  • The second Spider-Man was Peter Parker.
  • Did you know that Spider-Man was Jewish?
  • Marvel comic books show Spider-Man as a team player.
  • Spiderman’s parents worked for S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • He has died many times.
  • He also featured with Obama, Transformers, Batman, and S.N.L.
  • At first, he used different names for his cartoons. He tried ‘ Stick-to-Wall Man,’ ‘Insect-Man,’ ‘Fly-Man,’ and ‘Mosquito Man.” Finally, he pulled it off with a new name that became famous; Spider-Man.
  • The superhero also played in The Fantastic Four.
  •  As a teen hero, Spider-Man wasn’t an adult sidekick. He was independent. 
  • Spider-Man’s web can break down within a short time. But it can hold heavy things.
  • Do you know the superhero’s parents’ names? Their names were Richard and Mary Parker, who worked for the government as agents. But they died due to a plane crash.
  • Aunt Jane and Uncle Bem raised Spider-Man. They provided a home that encouraged the boy to be a superhero.
  • Spider-Man worked in many roles. He was a businessman, a science teacher, and a scientist. He owned Packer Industries.
  • It was only after 17 years that Spider-Man became a hit on the big screens. 
  • Guess what? Some people stole the superhero’s costumes during the production of the film. What do you think of taking something that’s not yours? 
  • How many Spider-Man cartoons have you seen? The directors of the superhero made 2 live-action T.V. shows and 8 Spider-Man cartoons. 
  • You know Michael Jackson as the king of pop music. But did you know he tried to buy Marvel because he wanted to be a superhero?
  • Stan Lee wrote Super-Man with a hyphen to avoid confusing it with Superman.
  • December 2012 was the year of the last appearance of The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Another fantastic thing is that the superhero’s web is faster than a bullet. I guess you might have seen Spider-Man wrapping around a gun before Spiderman’s enemy pulled it.
  • If you want to destroy Spider-Man, just use a pesticide known as ethyl chloride.
  • I hope you can remember that Spider-Man survived his two-week burial in the Kraven’s Last Hunt series.

Free Printable Spider-Man Coloring Pages

Welcome to other fun-packed activities. Children will illustrate beautiful Spider-Man coloring pages. Even preschoolers can find each coloring page exciting.

Adults can work with their kids on each Spiderman coloring page. There are many things they will color.

Some activities include:

  • Doctor octopus
  • Peter Parker
  • Free Spiderman
  • Superhero
  • Spider
  • Star Wars
  • Green goblin
  • Tom Holland
  • Marvel
  • Batman

Kids can download the free printable Spiderman coloring pages to create comic books.