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Our kids love to watch and play Sonic video games. Nearly everyone who is a comic book fan loves Sonic. He is the most interesting hedgehog in the entire world. These coloring pages should help us to learn a lot more than we do about Sonic. We all know that he is likely the fastest character on earth. But, what else do we know about our favorite hedgehog? We should keep on reading to find out more. 

He Was a Lab Experiment 

Sonic wasn’t the original blue color that we know him as. It was doctor Kintobor who decided to conduct different experiments on the hedgehog. This is how we ended with the sonic that we know. Then later, the same doctor decided to conduct the same experiments on himself which made him become the antagonist in the story. 

There are Over 70 Sonic Video Games

To date, there are 70 video games that have been released so far. Most of these games are in 2D. In recent years, there have been developments that have made 3D games become popular. The most recent screen adaptation of Sonic is the 2021 movie that offers a live-action feel of this famous hedgehog. 

He Used to be Mr Needlemouse

Before Sonic was Sonic, he was known by the Japanese translation for a hedgehog. It wasn’t until the fourth offering of Sonic the Hedgehog that the creator, Naoto Ohshima, decided to stick to the Sonic name instead of Mr. Needlemouse. Thankfully, his name was changed. If he was still Mr. Needlemouse, I highly doubt that we would be able to color him in this magnificent blue color that we’ve grown to love. 

He’s the Fastest Hedgehog 

Besides the Flash, Sonic is the one of the other fastest fictional characters that we know. There are so many speed features that we have seen from the hedgehog. Just when we think we know what he has in store for us, he finds a way to show us that he was faster than what we have ever imagined. Surely, I’m not the only one who has debates about how fast Sonic can actually run. Or whether he can outrun the Flash. We don’t know, but even in our coloring pages, we tend to see him zooting across from different angles. We all know just how fast this hedgehog can go. 

He Believes in Romance 

What is a superhero story without a dash of romance. In our coloring pages, we will even notice that this hedgehog has a number of different love interests. Sonic has been falling in love with many women over his lifetime. From princesses to hedgehogs, one thing that he will do is to give his lovers his love and affection. 

He is Inspired by Bill Clinton 

Remember that famous “Get it done” campaign slogan by Bill Clinton? Well, it turns out that most of the employees who were working on creating Sonic back then, took it literally. Sonic’s character is in fact a replica of Bill Clinton’s one. In addition to the Clinton inspiration, we have a bit of Michael Jackson in the red shoes and white socks that he wears. Sonic is not only a household name for a hedgehog, but he is a recreation of some of the world’s most influential people.