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Fun Facts About Sheep for Kids

What’s going on, friends? Have you ever eaten sheep’s meat? Today, I’ll share with you astonishing facts about the adorable sheep. Let’s go.

  • Sheep eat grasses, plants, and vegetables. So, they’re called herbivores.
  • You can find sheep in mountains and plains with plenty of grass. Sheep came from Europe and Asia. Humans kept them as domestic animals. And some sheep farmers also introduced them to other countries. The Americas and Australia have large numbers of sheep.
  • Sheep are as intelligent as dogs. They’re good at problem-solving. 
  • They have remarkable memories. Sheep can easily recognize other sheep and even humans. 
  • Did you know that sheep can show if they’re happy, angry, or sad? They can express their emotions.
  • Sheep use their ears, different sounds, and facial expressions to reveal how they feel.
  • What do your parents do when you’re sick? Probably, they will take you to a doctor if you’re serious. But sheep can self-medicate by eating specific plants when they’re ill.
  • You can call a female sheep a ‘ewe.’  Mamma sheep stay close to their young ones to form a strong bond. The baby sheep can tell who their mother is by listening to a unique bleat or call.
  • Like many animals, sheep love living together as a group. However, they can be independent even from birth.
  • Years ago, in ancient Egypt, people thought that sheep were sacred. As a result, they mummified them when they died. 
  • Between 4000-2000 BCE, ancient Sumerians worshipped sheep as they saw them as one of their many gods.
  •  Sheep also have a special place among the Chinese people. It’s one of the Zodiac symbols in China. If you’re born in the sheep’s year, the Chinese believe you’re kind, truthful, and gentle.  
  • Sheep that people keep as domestic animals are small compared to wild sheep. Sheep that live in the wild have horns to protect themselves against attacks by predators. The Argali, which is 1.2 m tall, is the largest wild sheep breed. 
  • They also like traveling together with other animals to new pastures. 
  • Scientists cloned a sheep from a somatic cell in 1996. They named the sheep Dolly.
  • Farmers raise sheep for meat and agricultural products, like fleece.
  • Another great fact about sheep is they don’t need to turn their heads to see what’s behind them. That’s because they can see anything within 300 degrees.
  • Sheep have a sharp sense of smell. Did you know that their feet and the front of their eyes have scent glands? That’s incredible.

Free Printable Sheep Coloring Pages

Hello, dudes! Do you remember baa baa black sheep? It’s a nursery rhyme. Ask your parents to do the rhyme with you. You’ll like it.

Now, welcome to a vast collection of fun-filled sheep coloring pages. Whether you’re a preschooler, an older kid, or at kindergarten, you’ll enjoy working on the sheep coloring sheets.

The free coloring pages can improve kids’ color recognition, fine motor skills, and craft skills. They also encourage creativity and artistic ideas.

Each sheep coloring page needs a crayon or a colored pencil. Children will color farm animals. They include sheep, a donkey, a goat, a cow, and a horse. Kids will also illustrate a llama and cute sheep. 

The little ones can also download the sheep coloring pages. 

Have fun with the printable pictures!