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Sharks are likely the most feared marine animals that we know of. Yet, we don’t spend enough time getting to learn about these sea creatures. For instance, we might learn surprising facts like how they don’t have any bones when we dig deeper. Learning about sharks should help to ease our fear of them. Plus, it should give us something more interesting to pass our time. Besides, the next time that we decide to visit the aquarium, we should have more knowledge about sharks. Let’s dive deeper into the world of sharks to know why they’re considered important to learn about. 

1. They Have Good Eyesight

When we watch movies, we have noticed that sharks can find what they’re looking for even in the darkest of waters. The thing about sharks is that they have superb vision. In fact, they have a special reflective tissue in their eyeballs. This helps them to see really well even when there isn’t enough light. But sharks aren’t like most animals. They can see color even when a space is dimly lit. 

However, eyesight isn’t the only thing that sharks rely on to look for us. They have electroreceptor organs that enhance their senses. This means that they can sense whenever there’s a change in temperature within a certain radius. In addition, they can pick up on electromagnetic waves. 

2. They Have Rough Skin

Research shows that shark skin has a similar texture to sandpaper. Different types of sharks have different cases of this rough skin. When we look at nurse sharks for example, we’ll notice that it has skin that’s considered fairly smoother than the other sharks. The reason why shark skin has this texture is that it has a special type of scales that are known as dermal denticles. When we look at it up close, we should see that they appear to look like irregular teeth. These scales are also pointing towards a shark’s tail. This should help to reduce any friction while they swim. 

3. Shark Patterns are Fingerprints 

The fact of the matter is that our fingerprints are unique. They make us who we are. This is a similar thing with whale sharks. When we look at the patterns on their bodies, we aren’t aware that each shark has a different pattern to the next one. When we are busy with our coloring pages, we should think of using different colors to show this small yet significant difference with our whale sharks. 

4. They Reproduce Differently 

Sharks are some of the most interesting and unique marine animals that we will get to learn about. They are very diverse. This can even extend to their reproductive systems. Some sharks lay eggs, and they don’t need to take care of their spawn after it hatches. On the other hand, other sharks give birth to their young and spend a lot of time taking care of their small babies. 

5. Shark Ages are Validated

Sharks can live for a long time. They are one of those marine animals that have been around for thousands of years. Yet, scientists still struggle to find a conclusive way to determine how they age. The most accurate way that they use is to measure the rings on their vertebrae. So, if we see that a shark has 5 vertebrae rings, then that means that our shark is five years old. But using this assumption doesn’t mean that it is always accurate. 

The fact is that there are different shark species out there and they each have different attributes. When we use the same method to measure their age, we are likely to miscalculate in certain cases. For now, we can stick to this age validation process.