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Why do our kids love learning about seals so much? There are many and interesting reasons that make seal animals that are worth learning about. If we have some time on our hands, we should consider giving our attention to seal coloring pages. They should offer us a diverse outlook into these animals. We can get to know more about what makes seals look the way that they do. In addition, we can find out about how they take care of their young. There are loads of things that we should discover when we read on. 

They’re Related to Bears and Badgers

This is a surprising fact when we consider the fact that seals are sea animals. In fact, there has been an ongoing debate about the origin of these animals for a while now. The thing is, they seem to be a crossover between land-dwelling carnivores and our modern marine mammals. So far, we have been able to discover three distinct subclasses of sea mammals. However, it shows that there is a link between land and sea animals. Particularly between seals, bears and badgers amongst many. When we look at our seal coloring pages, we should notice that there are some physical features that look like our other common land dwelling animals. 

Earless Seals have Ears

There is a common misconception that earless seals can’t hear anything. But, when we look at our coloring pages, we’ll notice that what these kinds of seals are missing are just external ear flaps. When we turn over our pages to compare them with our fur seals and sea lions, we should notice that the ears are very different. The fact is that seals have varying degrees of heating. Take for instance what we know as true seals or phocids. This group has a higher frequency for sound. This is different for our sea lines when we compare them. At the end of the day, when we color in our seal ear flaps, we should remember that each of them are different for various reasons. And that others have a higher frequency or sound when they’re underwater while others have it when they hear airborne sounds. 

They Can be Huge 

Most mammals are known to exceed what we consider normal weight for animals. The thing about seals is that they can vary vastly when we look at their size. For instance, the smallest group of seals that we can find can weigh up to 140 pounds. On the other hand, the largest elephant seal can weigh up to an astonishing 8000 pounds. This is why we will notice that our coloring pages have so many differently sized seals. It always depends on the type of seal that we have to color in. In some cases, we don’t have to worry about coloring in between the lines because they have such large bodies. For the most part, we have to be careful with the smaller sized ones. 

A Unique Call Bonds the Mothers and Babies 

Maternal instincts seem to be a common thing amongst many mammal species. When we become mothers we tend to become very overprotective of our kids. The same can be seen with seals. Not only do they protect their pups from any potential threats, but they create a special bond with them with a fascinatingly unique call. According to research, they can hear when their pups are calling out for whatever reason. These mothers can also tell the difference between a distress call made by their pups instead of non-filial pups. These abilities to tell the difference between a pup’s call can develop according to the environment.