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Fun Facts About Race Cars for Kids

Hey there! Do you like car racing? Who’s your favorite car racer in the world? Today, I’ll talk about fascinating facts about motor racing. Let’s jump in.

Auto racing is also called motorsport, automobile racing, or autosport. It’s a sport that involves racing cars. When do you think auto racing began? It started in 1895 in France. Now it’s one of the most well-known sports in the world. 

What Are the Types of Auto Racing?

Autosport has different kinds of races. Check them out below.

The most popular auto racing sport is Formula One. It’s a highly competitive racing championship globally. Formula One cars are different from standard cars. They’ve no quarter panels or fenders. Also, a Formula One car has a wing or a spoiler at the back and front. It gives the car a lot of grips to move at lightning speed. 

The race cars in Formula One might travel at 200mph or 320 kilometers an hour. That’s pretty fast. 

Each country holds a Formula One competition. The races are known as the Grands Prix, which is a French name meaning grand prize.

Grand Prix races take place in all of North America and Europe. The cars have one seat with bare wheels. Also, their engine size must be of the same size. 

There are also Indy Cars. The cars race on egg-shaped tracks with stacked up left-hand turns. They also go through multiple road courses with left and right-hand bends. 

Autosport can also involve endurance cars. These cars have been changed to look like touring cars. They’re called touring vehicles.  They can also be sports prototypes or purpose-built race cars.

Endurance races go on for many hours. As a result, more than one driver is involved in taking turns. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is the most famed endurance race in France. Did you get that? It takes the whole day. 

Some car races include several pickup trucks. They appear like passenger cars and are called stock cars. NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) organizes these races that happen on oval tracks. These races are famous in the U.S.

Stock cars can travel at speeds of nearly 200 miles or 320 kilometers an hour.

Another type of auto racing is a rally. It happens on public roads and a planned route. The race car has two people: a navigator and a driver. They’ll only get to know about the race track when they’re about to begin. To win the competition, the driver and the guide must reach specific route points at the scheduled time. The roads cover hundreds of miles and take several days to finish.

Motorsport lovers may also participate in off-road rallies. They’re called rally raids. The Dakar Rally is a famous rally occurring in several countries. The rally can stretch for over 9,000 miles (15,000 kilometers). Racers see it as the most challenging event.

The last auto racing sport is drag races. The aim for each racer is to accelerate faster than others. The race track could be a quarter of a mile. All cars are stationary when the competition begins. To be the winner, each driver must travel over the distance as quickly as possible.

Top performing drivers can reach top speeds of between 0-100 miles an hour in less than a second. It’s also possible for the cars to travel at 330 miles an hour. 

Free Printable Race Cars Coloring Pages

Welcome to other super fun activities for auto racing lovers.  You’ll enjoy working on race cars coloring pages. The printable pictures are ideal for older kids and preschoolers. 

Children need different crayons to illustrate the free printable coloring pages. They’ll find many things to color, such as a race car, a Lamborghini, a dirt bike, a classic car, a supercar, and a muscle car. 

There are more exciting things to draw, including a Ferrari, a race track, a vehicle, gull-wing doors, and hot wheels.

Each race coloring page improves a child’s craft skills.