Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable princess coloring pages below.

It’s time to have a ball! We’re inviting all the princesses we know to a coloring extravaganza. Everyone else is invited, too, and here are some of the activities we plan to enjoy.

Who’s On the List?

Snow White is busy running with the forest creatures, but she’ll be here sooner or later. Ariel has been swooning over Prince Eric even when they’re apart, but she’s on her way from the castle already. The knights are patrolling the courtyard to keep the dragons at bay during the festivities. Other princesses from across the world are coming, some by unicorn and some by pegasus. We just hope they don’t get distracted by too many flowers along the way!

Paint with All the Colors

A princess is usually in the best clothes with radiant jewelry. There’s always an excuse to change up the outfit and show off a new color scheme on the princess. We’re going to bring out all our coloring and crafting supplies to give each princess a unique and gorgeous gown. Although crayons are a splendid option, we also enjoy using markers, watercolors, and other vibrant coloring methods that pop out of the page. For even more texture and detail, we add design cutouts from other paper and fabrics to the dresses. Pasting gems, glitter, and other sparkling materials onto the jewels is an excellent final touch that draws the eyes to the princesses.

One fun way to decide on an outfit is to pick a theme for the coloring party. For example, a moonlight ball could inspire gowns that have the sparkle of stars or the mystifying haze of an aurora at night. A literal garden party would make a delightful venue for floral dresses in all sorts of colors and variations. We throw every party idea into the party hat to draw them out later when we’re struggling with ideas.

A Whole New World

Princesses are beautiful and enjoyable on their own, but every princess deserves a kingdom and friends. After we add color to our princess coloring page, we’ll be embarking on a journey of creativity and crafting. Taking a princess-sized sheet of construction paper, we’ll use cutouts of scenery to make a grand venue. Extra features are always welcome, like places for quiet conversation, a buffet of treats, a menagerie of animals, or a fireworks display. We’ll cut out the princesses from their original pictures and paste them onto the created scene to craft a brand new piece of art.

Once the princesses have visited one of their friend’s castles, they can move to the next one! We’ll have to color them again and design new outfits, although that’s easy and fun with printable coloring pages.

The Royal Emissaries

Improving relations with other realms is part of a princess’s duties. That could mean venturing to Adventure Bay to meet with the courageous PAW Patrol. They might journey to the stars to meet with the Jedi of Star Wars like Yoda. King Simba has been known to entertain guests in his lion kingdom around Pride Rock. In addition to the way described above, we can combine these worlds together by using photo editing software on digital coloring pages. It’s easier to resize the cropped images to make a more complex coloring page without larger pieces of paper.