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The adventures of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu in Pokemon show us that anyone, no matter how young or how small, can have an impact on their friends and the world if they keep trying and use their heart. That’s why we love to put our hearts into coloring pages featuring the characters from the Pokemon games, shows, and other media.

Who’s That Pokemon?

While few people will truly have never heard of Pokemon at this point, it’s easy to fall behind on knowledge of different Pokemon species. The only way to learn more is to take it one Pokemon at a time since there are almost 900 Pokemon and more coming with every new game. We’ll start with a look at three favorites of Ash and Pokemon trainers around the world: Pikachu, Mudkip, and Treecko. Pikachu is an adorable yellow mouse with lightning powers and an endless amount of sass. Mudkip is a blue mudfish that can attack with the powerful combination of its earth and water type. Last but not least, Treecko is a cool green grass type that resembles a gecko.

These three Pokemon are ‘starters’, which means they are one of the first Pokemon options the trainer receives in the game. That makes them jump out to players and fans, especially since they tend to start out cute and evolve into awesome battlers. Notably, Pikachu was not a starter at first when Red and Blue came out, but his adorableness skyrocketed his popularity so much that he became a starter in his own game, Pokemon Yellow. For that reason, he didn’t follow the typical evolution style of the other starters!

It will take some time to learn all of the Pokemon – and it’s not necessary to enjoy them! Learning about the different types might reveal a new favorite, but it’s fine to stick with the few that we know and love. Many people have strong feelings of connection to the various Eevee evolutions┬álike Flareon and Vaporeon, and there are eight different types with their own personalities and powers that are worth getting to know.

Heading Out of Palette Town

Because Pokemon is an iconic roleplaying game, we expect to see trainers and their Pokemon in different locations. They’ll sometimes battle with wild Pokemon to capture them or other trainers to raise their experience. The Pokemon frequently cut, swim, and brute force their way through the environmental obstacles in their way. We like to give our Pokemon and trainers the same excitement by creating cut-and-paste scenes out of them.

One of our favorite ways to set up these scenes is to take the top-down view from one of the games and replicate it on a large sheet of paper. Then, we paste the colored Pokemon pictures along the path so it looks like the game jumped onto the paper! While it’s not quite a video game, we’ll also flex our digital muscles by cropping the Pokemon and trainers from digital coloring pages and combining them together that way. It’s not as viscerally satisfying as snipping paper, but it’s possible to make complex scenes on smaller sheets of paper with the option to reprint them if the scene is a hit.