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Bursting facts and myths about pirates with our kids should be a very enjoyable exercise. Most importantly, it should give us something to look forward to when we have some spare time on our hands. There are plenty of movies and TV shows that have shaped the way that we see pirates. Take Pirates of the Caribbean for example. It was one of those movies that we all got to love. But what is it about pirates that gets kids begging to wear their costumes at parties pr Halloween? We should find out a bit more by digging up some hidden treasures or secrets about them. Read on to know more.

Fact or Myth? 

1. There are Women Pirates 

Although it’s rare for us to come across women pirates in TV shows and even our coloring pages, we shouldn’t think they don’t exist. In fact, there are famously known women pirates in the history books. Women like Mary Read, Ching Shih, and Anne Bonny made history when they dominated this notoriously men’s world. They even drank grog along with the males as they ventured off to sea to discover new treasures. 

2. They Kept Parrots as Pets

We have all come across a pirate with a parrot nestled on their shoulder. The pair is even found in our coloring pages. Yet, it is quite unlikely that pirates would have had the time to take care of a pet. Moreover, since they’re famous for being stingy with their riches, it doesn’t seem plausible that they would’ve had chosen to spend money buying a pet. 

In fact, pirates used to travel far and wide to look for exotic things that they could trade for gold. In certain cases, this meant that they would find birds that they thought could be traded for a quick buck. So, when we are busy going through our coloring pages, and we come across colorful birds to color in, we should remember this. 

3. Not all Pirates have a Patched Leg

Even though there are some pirates who would have a missing eye or a leg as we have seen in our coloring pages, it’s uncommon for many of them to suffer this fate. The most common reason why this happened was that while out at sea, getting adequate medical care was rudimentary at best. So, if any injuries occurred, chances were that amputations would be the easiest way to stop any infections from reaching other areas. 

If anyone was injured while on an adventure, there wouldn’t be considered useful anymore. Fortunately, there were special arrangements between pirates that allowed for them to get paid a pension should an injury occur. On the other hand, the eye patch was mainly for functionality reasons that didn’t involve any loss of eyesight. To ensure that pirates acclimatized quickly to the darkness below deck, they had to cover the one eye to make it adjust easily to the dark. This helped them to enhance their vision in extremely dark conditions. 

4. They Buried Treasures 

As much as we like to believe what TV sells to us about pirates, unfortunately, a lot of it is made up for entertainment. For instance, pirates would hardly ever spend time hiding their treasures once they made a discovery. In those days, life expectancy and the quality of life wasn’t as high as we have it today. Since they expected to live shorter than most people, they spent their money faster than we can think how. So, to benefit from all of these treasures, it would’ve been wise to open up a shop along these famous pirate ports.