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When I was younger, I read a series of books called The Chronicles of Prydain. Perhaps the most famous of these books was The Black Cauldron, which won multiple awards and earned a Disney adaptation in the 80s. In this series of fantasy novels, there is an oracular pig named Henwen. Since I read those excellent books, I have had a strange respect for these ordinary farm animals. I mean, when there is a future seeing pig in books, what isn’t to like? Regardless, pigs are cute, pink, and have curly tails. Your kids may have a desire to look into pig coloring pages.

A Little About Pigs

In short, pigs are awesome, and I believe that if they didn’t taste so good, humans would have domesticated them as pets instead of livestock. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are incredibly clean animals. I know they are typically associated with mud and pigsties, but the mud keeps them cool. Another example of a pig’s cleanliness is that pigs will eat in a completely different location from where they defecate. In other words, they have bathroom areas and eating areas. Pigs are intelligent and are thought to be as bright as some primates. So, while your kids are coloring some printable pig coloring pages, you can expound on the virtues of these incredible animals.

Popular Pigs to Color

I have already mentioned a fictional pig that influenced my life, but there are many other pig characters and famous pigs. Here is a short list of some other famous pigs that your kids may want to color.

Wilbur from the book Charlotte’s Web is a beautiful character and memorable pig. The novel has received multiple adaptations, and this loveable pig and his spider friend are sure to make a fun coloring page.

Piglet is Winnie the Pooh’s best friend and will always be an excellent example of how a very small animal can do very big things. Piglet, Pooh, Tigger, and all the other friends at the Hundred Acre Wood are sure to provide plenty of coloring fun. Printable coloring pages that feature this famous pig and his friends are certain to be favorites.

Porky Pig has been a member of the Looney Toons for decades. Porky is known for having a bit of a stutter and taking a bit of time to say things. Fans of the Space Jam movies or those who have watched the cartoon will recognize coloring pages featuring Porky.

The story of The Three Little Pigs has been told, retold, and retold for generations. Coloring pages that depict each little pig, the three houses, and the infamous Big Bad Wolf are sure to provide some coloring fun for your kids.

Recently my own family has found a lovely collection of children’s books by the author Mo Willems. The Elephant and Piggie Series has enthralled my child with its excellent dialogue, unique illustrations, and the fantastic friendship of the two characters. Piggie and her elephant friend Gerald will also be great subjects to color on a pig coloring sheet.

Other well-known pigs are Miss Piggie from The Muppets, Babe the sheep herding pig, Rosita and Gunther from the hit movie Sing, Peppa Pig, and the infamous Napoleon from the novel Animal Farm.

Coloring Pigs

Besides all of these famous pigs, there are just some other printable coloring pages that depict pigs. Your kids will love coloring these pigs and enjoying how adorable the pictures can be. Remember, pigs don’t have to be pink; they come in many different and distinct pigments. Let your kids be creative as they enjoy coloring some pigs.