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Penguins Coloring Pages

Our penguins coloring pages provide a wealth of opportunity for those who love these majestic, furry birds. We provide plenty of penguin-themed printable pages for your children to color. Here, we’ll provide a few pointers on how to color penguin pictures and ideas on adding artistic touches to your coloring page creations.

The main challenge to coloring pictures of penguins stems from the multitude of white on their bodies. Most species of penguins feature a large amount of white fur on their bodies, and this can create a challenge if you print on white printer paper. Of course, most species also feature quite a bit of black fur, so printing on black paper doesn’t solve the problem either. Each penguins coloring page contains pictures of a different type of penguin because we love all of their many species.

We suggest reading a book about penguins or looking at some high-quality websites about birds or specifically penguins. Wildlife websites make great resources to see what the various species of penguins look like and what a baby penguin of each species looks like. With 19 different species, you have plenty of fun penguins to color and they all look different. Some have long tails while others have plumage that grows on their heads, a bit like growing long hair. It’s yellow-green in color.

The Audubon Society provides a free, comprehensive website that includes an in-depth page on penguins with many photos of the various species. It helps to learn the types of penguins to know what colors to use on these free coloring page printouts. For example, little penguins, also called fairy penguins, have blue fur on their backs and sides, with white chests and stomachs. The smallest of the penguin species, they have silver, blue, hazel, or grey eyes. A Gentoo penguin has an orange-red bill and a white bonnet of fur that extends from eye to eye across the top of its head. Otherwise, their head and back feathers grow black. Some of our coloring pages have a family of penguins to color. If the picture includes Adelie penguins, their little ones, called chicks, grow brown fur. A baby penguin often has fur that differs in color from the adults.

Although penguins typically grow mostly black and white fur, many species, such as Emperor penguins, require a more diverse set of colors than that. For example, on an emperor penguin coloring page, we suggest coloring with glitter crayons or pens so you can get colors to show up on whatever color of paper used for the coloring sheet.

Most penguin coloring pages will contain many details, including items that the penguins play with, other animals, and the landscape, which might include glaciers, ice, snow, and other cold weather features. Some of these penguins coloring pages depict houses, igloos, pine trees, Christmas trees, the sky, sun, and clouds, plus open ocean.

Penguins have sleek fur, and many species have glossy black fur that shines in the light. We suggest blending crayons or wax colors using a stomp and mixing in glitter using glitter glue to give the fur a glossy sheen. Stomps also work well to blend colored pencils or crayons or oil pastel sticks but add water to watercolors to lighten a dark shade and blend it with other colors. That glitter glue comes in handy for coloring the snowflakes on many of these pages.

The penguins or penguins likely take up most of the page and leave little background to color, but a mostly blank background can become a fabulous detail by using a light, but unique set of colors, such as salmon pink and baby blue. These pastel colors appear in an atmospheric condition called the Aurora Borealis that occurs where penguins live.

Finally, remember to shade the animals and objects in the picture to make them look real. Shade one side of the penguins to make it look like the bird stands in natural light. Make these free printables like original artwork with a little creative thinking and found materials. Add yarn, thread, buttons, stickers, etc. to turn the coloring page into a 3D craft.

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