Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable paw patrol coloring pages below.

Puppies are undeniably cute and entertaining. Superheroes are inspiring and adventurous. The PAW Patrol combines all of these traits into one fur-ocious package. With the recent release of PAW Patrol: The Movie and a Mighty Movie in the works, the pups are showing no signs of slowing down or losing popularity. In this house, we’ve watched countless hours of PAW Patrol, played PAW Patrol games, and really enjoyed doing art projects like coloring PAW Patrol pictures.

Get to Know the Pups

Each pup is full of personality and has their own Pupmobile and special area of rescue service. Even in the Mighty Pups version of the show where the PAW Patrol leans into their superhero side, the pups look the same and have the same color schemes.

  • Ryder is the young boy who leads the pups.
  • Marshall is a dalmatian fire pup dressed in red who is always ready to put out danger.
  • Chase is a German shepherd police dog in blue that helps wherever he can.
  • Skye is an adorable cocker spaniel-poodle mix with a pink outfit that specializes in air rescue.
  • Rubble is a chunky and sweet construction bulldog in an appropriate Caterpillar yellow.
  • Zuma is a chocolate labrador with an orange costume who can handle any water rescue.
  • Rocky is a mixed breed that keeps it green and helps with recycling and environmental jobs.

Be There and Be Doubled

Although we like showing off our unique ideas when we color, sometimes the kid and I try coloring the same picture to see the different takes we have on the same character and background. I print out the same coloring page for each of us, and we start coloring at the same time. It’s not a competition, so we share materials and help each other when asked. When we’re both done, we compare our pictures and have an art show for the other people in the house. The lessons we learn from coloring the first pages help us improve whether we redo the same characters or start again with new pictures.

Pups On the Move

Whenever there’s a problem, the PAW Patrol is always ready to get there and lend a helping paw. That’s why our favorite way to color the pups is as part of a full scene with an emergency that needs their help.

It’s easy to find coloring pages with the pups in action. The kid and I will pick the pups that we want to include, get the right pose,  and then we’ll clip them out to insert them into other pictures. The pups frequently team up with the PJ Masks, the Justice League, or another team of heroes to complete their mission in the picture. 

Sometimes, we put the pictures together with traditional crafts, using scissors, paste, and clear tape after we finish coloring the originals. My kid really likes to spend time working on the background, creating a rescue scenario before we decide where to paste the pups.

Other times, we digitally edit the coloring pages. With a digital format or a scanner, the images can be resized and mixed together with just a little bit of photo editing. It’s a great computer lesson for younger children, and it’s helped my kid get better at working a mouse pointer and understanding some of what a computer can do.

Clipping is easier for mixing and matching with a bunch of different coloring pages on one large page, while the editing is better at making smaller pages that have more action packed into the scene.