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If you ask me, parrots can’t be trusted. These exotic birds seem too intelligent for their own good. They are bright, flashy, love to show off, are generally associated with pirates, and bite! I speak from experience. Once, while in Mexico, a friend put his pet parrot on my shoulder. The wicked thing nipped my ear! It was an excruciating experience! Besides the vindictive attack on my person, I feel like parrots are always in on the inside jokes, and the joke is always on us.

Regardless of my feelings toward parrots, they are a beautiful subject for a coloring sheet. Parrot coloring pages provide the perfect opportunity for the use of bright colors in unique and striking combinations on the feathers and wings of these birds. Parrots are often seen in vibrant shades of green, yellow, red, or blue. But, they also can be more muted colors of gray, white, or even black. If your kids love parrots, then these printable parrot coloring pages will be perfect for you.

A Little About Parrots

There are hundreds of species of parrots. They range from small birds like a Parakeet to extra-large birds like the Macaw or Cockatoo. As I mentioned before, they have powerful beaks. Parrots are omnivores; they eat both meat and plants, once again referring to the parrot trying to eat my ear. Parrots are also brilliant; they can be trained to do many different things. And, almost every species of parrot has some ability to mimic sounds or even human speech. As your child colors these parrot coloring pages, you can help them learn a bit more about these impressive animals.

Parrot Coloring Pages

There are many parrot coloring pages due to the large variety of parrots and the types of scenes they appear in. I will list out several common themes used in parrot coloring pictures.

Often, a coloring sheet featuring a parrot will be geared towards preschoolers or toddlers. These sheets generally feature a cartoon parrot and very little else. Most often, the parrot will be a macaw or parakeet. These coloring pages are great for young children to color.

Other parrot coloring pages depict a more detailed and life-like parrot. Often, these pictures are geared toward older kids. These parrots are seen in their habitat in the jungle or on tree limbs. Older kids will enjoy the added detail and coloring the environment around the bird as well.

People can’t think of parrots without also imagining swashbuckling pirates and buried treasure, right? Printable coloring pages depicting a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder are standard. Kids will have fun coloring the pirates, ships, and buried treasure illustrated in these coloring pages.

Famous Parrots

Another type of coloring page that kids will love to color is one depicting a famous parrot. Popular culture has been influenced by several memorable characters of parrots throughout the years.

One famous parrot comes from the hit Disney movie Aladdin. Iago is the recognizable talking parrot of the evil Jafar. In the first film, he helps Jafar cause all sorts of mischief. A parrot coloring page depicting Iago is sure to be a hit.

Another animated film featured some famous parrots. Rio features many parrots, but the main character is the incredibly rare Blue Maca, appropriately named Blu. There are a lot of fun opportunities for bright colors when coloring pictures of Blu and the other characters of Rio.

Ultimately, we associate parrots with pirates due to the famous novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. In the book, the infamous one-legged pirate Long-John Silver has a pet parrot. This parrot is named after Silver’s former captain, Captain Flint. So, the next time you color a parrot on a pirate’s shoulder, you will know why.