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Fun Facts about Cute Pandas for kids

Hi, Y’all! I’m super excited today to talk about adorable pandas. I know that you like these cute animals. Which country has plenty of pandas? Read on to find out more.

  • Have you ever been to China? I’ve never been there myself. But when I get there, I’ll look for pandas. Here’s why. China is the home of the famous giant black and white pandas. The giant panda also has big black spots around its eyes. But there’s another cute one, too. The red panda! It’s as small as a cat, and you can find it in the high Eastern Himalayas mountains. The red panda’s fur is red-brown, long, and bushy. 
  • The black and white panda and the smaller one don’t belong to the same animal group. The Chinese panda falls under the Ursidae family, while the Himalaya panda belongs to the Ailuridae group. Did you know that the red panda is the only genuine panda? Yes, that’s correct. The black and white panda is a bear. I guess you’re surprised, too.  So, why do people call the two animals pandas? The animals have the same faces and are lovers of bamboo.
  • Baby pandas can weigh up to 150grams at birth. They won’t see you when you get near them because the babies are blind. They’ll start having hair when they’re two weeks old. And in 21 days, their eyes will open. But it’ll be only after three months that the baby pandas can start walking. When they’re six months old, they can now eat their favorite meal, bamboo. At two years old, baby pandas are now mature animals.
  • An adult male panda can have a mass of 330 lb or 150 kg. That’s huge. 
  • Scientists and panda lovers say that pandas are among the most endangered animals. Do you know what it means? They’re at risk of being wiped out due to humans. About 2000 pandas exist in the whole world. Sad, right? What do you think people around the world can do to protect pandas?
  • How long do you think a panda can live? Five years. Ten years. 20 years. The one that lives in the wild can live for 20 years. 
  • I hope you’ll agree with me. The males have one serious problem. After mating, they leave the females to look after the babies. Do you think it’s okay for the mother panda to raise the cubs on her own?
  • Can you eat vegetables and fruit as your main diet for the whole year? Well, pandas feed on bamboo most of the time. So, they’re omnivores.
  • On each day, the huge pandas can eat about 22 lb or 10 kg of bamboo.
  • Next time you get close to a panda, look for its long wrist bone opposite its five fingers. It’s a unique tool that helps the panda to hold bamboo stalks.
  • Like monkeys, black and white pandas are excellent climbers.
  •  I think you’ve watched an animated film called ‘Kung Fu Panda.’ A giant panda, known as ‘Po,’ is the leading actor.
  • During the cold season, pandas travel to their mountain habitats to look for warmer weather. They’ll continue feasting on their choicest food, bamboo.

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