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An adorable owl with a witch hat holds a magical broom as it perched on a branch covering the bright full moon.

I love owls and the mystery that is often associated with them. Personally, my few and brief interactions with owls in the wild have been special treats to me. As an adult, I see forest service ads featuring Woodsy Owl much more often. I know they are not necessarily rare, but due to their nocturnal habits, I have found that my interactions with owls are more irregular than with other birds. I think the mysterious nature of owls is what makes them a popular subject for a printable coloring page. You will have to stock up on colored pencils so your kids can have fun with these owl coloring pages.

A Little About Owls

I already mentioned the mysterious aspect of owls, but there are many exciting features and facts about this type of bird. Owls are primarily nocturnal animals, which means they are generally active at night. I think their nocturnal nature is what brings about part of the mystery in the animal. There are over 200 hundred species of owl, and they vary significantly in size and shape. Another remarkable attribute of owls is the way they hunt. Not only do they hunt at night, but they are also incredibly silent flyers. Owls are often depicted as wise or used as a symbol of wisdom. So, in short, owls are silent nighttime predators with distinct features and characteristics that are secretive and wise; of course, children and adults will want to color an owl coloring sheet.

Owl Coloring Sheets

Owl coloring pages can range from pictures of cute owls to actual lifelike-looking owls and even festive owls around the holidays. Most often, a barn owl is portrayed on an owl coloring page. But some pages are known to have a snowy owl, a horned owl, or the distinct great gray owl. Owls are also symbols of Halloween and Christmas. Even grown-ups will enjoy a Halloween activity coloring a spooky picture of an owl. But besides images of different types of owls, there are also some famous owls that kids will recognize and want to color.

Famous Owls

There are quite a few famous owls in popular culture. Often, these characters are depicted as old, wise, or a figure to seek out for wisdom. Here is a rundown of some of the more famous owl characters that can appear on a printable owl coloring page.

Disney has produced multiple famous owls in its movies and cartoons. Perhaps most notable is the character of Owl from the many adaptations of AA Milne’s work Winnie the Pooh. Owl is often sought out for advice when Pooh is puzzling something out. Your kids will love a picture depicting Owl, Pooh, and the other characters of Winnie the Pooh.

Another Disney owl is featured in the animated movie The Sword in the Stone. In this telling of King Arthur, Merlin is accompanied by a talking owl named Archimedes. Archimedes is surly and a bit of a know it all. But, he provides a lot of the comedic interactions in the film. If your kids have seen the movie, they may want to spend some time coloring Archimedes.

In the world of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, the titular character has a friend named O the Owl. Now O is a little blue owl with a deep love of books and reading. Your preschoolers or even older kids will love to color pictures of O and Daniel.

Finally, we cannot mention owl coloring pages without including Hedwig, the loyal companion to Harry Potter. This snowy owl is a fan favorite of Harry Potter fans. Harry Potter coloring pages will often depict pictures of Harry and Hedwig that your kids will have a magical time coloring.