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We all know Octopuses for their bulging eyes, long arms, and very round bodies. Sometimes we even mistaken them for their cousins, squids. In fact, we’ve likely come across different names for these interestingly shaped sea creatures. It’s quite common for them to be known as “monsters of the deep sea”. Even though they can occupy what we consider shallow waters. Whatever we think of these sea animals is not what matters. These Octopus coloring pages should help to expand our knowledge. Let’s dive deep into the sea to find out more about these creatures. 

They Eat their Arms

Octopus can get really bored in the ocean. When they do, they have a tendency to eat their long arms. If we have Octopuses in our colorful tanks at home, we likely won’t get a chance to marvel at this freakishly interesting phenomenon. However, when they’re in the ocean they can find themselves in more Spartan conditions. This can cause them to find themselves in very stressful conditions. We all know someone who chews their nails when stressed out. In this case, studies show that Octopuses eat their long arms when under these conditions. In fact, there’s even a scientific name for this event. It’s called autophagy. 

They are Poisonous 

While we might look at Octopuses and think that they are harmless, we couldn’t be more wrong. According to research, they have a special kind of bacteria that lives inside them. These bacteria are known for housing a venom that Octopuses use to attack or defend themselves. Some don’t have enough poison to harm us. However, when we look at our Octopus coloring pages, we’ll notice that there are those who have small blue rings. Now, these are the ones that have venom that packs a punch. A bite from this kind of Octopus can paralyze us within minutes. It’s always a good idea to be extra careful when we are in the ocean. 

They Can use Tools

Funny enough, there is a special breed of animals that is known to use tools to do things. Among our dolphins, chimpanzees, and crows, Octopus can also master this skill. These animals are very intelligent. There has been documentation of veined Octopuses who have used discarded coconut shells as mobile homes. Scientists get to see amazing things when they observe these creatures underwater. But, we can also have fun with our imagination as we go through our coloring books. 

Using tools isn’t the only special thing that they can do. They can also open childproof medication bottles. Well, when we come across the giant female pacific Octopuses we should expect them to have the strength to do so. This shouldn’t surprise us though, especially because they can also open clamshells and similar mollusks without using a shucking knife.

They Camouflage Well

Many of us have watched TV shows that show us Octopus changing the color of their entire body within a split second. This is something that’s remarkable. The thing is that these sea animals are excellent at camouflage. But unlike other animals that we observe camouflaged, Octopuses don’t mimic the patterns of their surroundings. Instead, they can look like an object. For instance, we can see them in our coloring pages mimicking plants or rocks. 

They use this unique skill to disappear into the scenery. Most importantly, it helps them to protect themselves against dangerous water predators. Camouflage is a skill that we get to see in other animals for the same reasons. It’s fascinating when we come across an animal that becomes a specific object like our Octopuses.