Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable ninjago coloring pages below.

NinjaGo is an incredibly fun show for kids. There are many lessons for children, including the value of hard work, teamwork, and the power of friendship. The characters in the show face many hardships and have to stick together. There is a LEGO NinjaGo series as well as a LEGO NinjaGo movie that both kids and parents will enjoy.

In addition to the life lessons, there is plenty of humor. My kids are always laughing when they watch the show. Doing extra activities, such as NinjaGo coloring pages, will help kids to connect more with the show. They are able to add color to the characters and give them life, imagining taking part in ninja battles and having an important connection with friends.

Each character has a different elemental power and role to play in a show. Here is a look at the main characters and tips for coloring them.

Master Wu

Master Wu is the mentor of the ninja. He is elderly and wise, with a long white beard, white clothing, and a red sash. He wears a hat and carries a brown staff. He is Master Garmadon’s younger brother and Lloyd’s uncle. He trains a group of teenagers in the ways of Spinjitzu and has the elemental power of Creation. 

Master Lloyd Garmadon

Also known as the Green Ninja and the Master of Energy, Lloyd is also the former Golden Ninja and the leader of the ninja team. He is the son of Master Garmadon and Misako and is Master Wu’s nephew. Lloyd started as a bratty teenager, but learned and grew into a fine leader. He wears green and has light brown hair.


Kai is the Red Ninja and the Elemental Master of Ninja Fire. He is Nya’s older brother and worked with her in their father’s blacksmith shop until they met Master Wu. Kai learned Spinjitsu with Master Wu’s help and formed a strong bond with fellow teammates Cole, Jay, Zane, and Lloyd. He wears red and has brown hair.

Jay Walker

The Blue Ninja and the Elemental Master of Lightning, Jay is Nya’s boyfriend. He learned Spinjitsu with Master Wu and his teammates. Jay has many adventures and battles the Serpentine and the Stone Army in addition to other villains. Jay wears blue and has brown hair.


The son of Lou and Lilly, Cole is the strongest of the ninja and has the Elemental Power of Earth. He has dark hair and wears brown. Cole turned into a ghost when he went into the Temple of Airjitsu and gained new abilities. While a ghost, Cole and his friends fought in the Battle of Stiix and were tormented by Nadakhan. Cole becomes human once again via the Rift of Return.


Zane is the first Nindroid created and is also the Elemental Master of Ice. He is also known as the White Ninja and the Titanium Ninja. Zane starts out wearing white, but after he sacrifices himself to destroy the Golden Master, he needs a new body and becomes the Titanium Ninja.


The Elemental Master of Water, Nya is Kai’s sister and Jay’s girlfriend. Nya felt tired of being left out as her brother trained and created the identity of Samurai X. Nya participated in many battles, including fighting Chen’s army and the Time Twins and their army of Vermillion. Nya’s appearance changes a few times, but she generally has dark hair and wears lipstick of pale pink or red. 

Master Garmadon

The power-hungry lord of destruction, Lord Garmadon is Wu’s older brother, Lloyd’s father, and Misako’s husband. He grew up learning the way of the ninja with his brother, but was bitten by the Great Devourer and infected with evil. Lord Garmadon also has several appearances, with the most iconic being a tall, four-armed man wearing black.