Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable my little pony coloring pages below.

All across Equestria, the ponies, pegasi, unicorns gather together to share their hearts and show off their cutie marks. We can’t go into Equestria in real life, but we can journey there in our imaginations with the help of My Little Pony coloring pages.

Friendship Is Magic

Nopony should go through life without the magic of friendship. For those of us who love My Little Pony, the main cast of The Mane 6 will likely be the first ponies we’ll talk to when we have a coloring party.

  • Twilight Sparkle is a princess and an alicorn – a mixture of a Pegasus and a unicorn. Most importantly, she’s a major bookworm.
  • Rainbow Dash is a lightning-fast pegasus with a hot, rainbow head.
  • Fluttershy has a delicate touch, soft voice, and cute expression that makes animals flock to the pegasus in droves.
  • Pinkie Pie is the pink party pony of pizazz and panache!
  • Applejack is a down-to-earth pony who loves spending time with her family in the orchard.
  • Rarity is the elegant and fashionable unicorn of the Mane 6, always sporting new clothing and accessories. 

There are plenty of other ponies and friends of all types, and we hope to see them, too!

Old School and New Cool Ponies

The My Little Pony franchise has gone through two main iterations and an anthropomorphic spinoff. The original version came out in 1986, and the older design is larger and full of child-like wonder. Here is an original Rainbow Dash proudly strutting about in a crown. Fast-forwarding to Rainbow Dash in the new version, we’ll see herĀ setting up for Christmas. ThisĀ reveals the sleeker yet still cute appeal of the modern version. The wonderful part of coloring is that we can mix up the old and the new to create a unique aesthetic for our coloring pages. Some people have a particular fondness for one art style or the other, and that’s fine, too. Picking a coloring page that we enjoy is a privilege we all should have.

Saving the Day with Friendship

While the ponies do have their off days full of relaxing entertainment, most of their adventures are full of excitement and activity. Either a new problem is facing Ponyville, a dark force is threatening the magic of Friendship, or the ponies have to help far-off friends solve their issues. Since they move around so much, it makes perfect sense to combine the ponies together into one action scene!

We’ll finish coloring the ponies in all of our favorite standard and unique patterns. Then, we snip out the images and paste them together onto one larger piece of paper. For example, we might have Rainbow Dash jetting towards the finish line of a race in the clouds while the rest of the Mane 6 cheer her on from the stands. Characters from other series can make an appearance, too, so the ponies can teach the Sith about the power of friendship to help the Jedi save the day. Imagination is the only limit!