Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable monster truck coloring pages below.

Bigger isn’t always better, but sometimes it’s the best. A monster truck is an enormous display of engineering power, crushing and jumping over nearly any obstacle in its way. Their large size, loud noises, and awesome power are fascinating for both kids and adults, so one of my young child’s favorite art activities is coloring pictures of monster trucks.

Tons of Personality

Monster trucks are usually brimming with character that goes beyond their large size. Some are larger versions of normal-sized vehicles, like this gigantic tow truck that can haul a broken down monster truck no matter where it gets stuck. Others have a friendly face and a kind smile that make them approachable for smaller children. They can look like literal monsters, sporting sharp fangs and horns in every direction. There are some monster trucks that have a more traditional look, but that makes them easier to modify and customize with new parts to create my own unique truck.

The monster trucks in the real world can offer great inspiration for monster truck designs. An older yet popular monster truck on the circuit is Grave Digger, a truck with the body of a hearse and a vibrant neon green and dark black for its paint. Others add small details to the frame, like the frill and horns of a triceratops. A few monster trucks use different body styles entirely, such as The General with the iconic bright orange Dodge Charger body. One monster truck was forged together from the remains of a school bus, taking all the other vehicles to school. If we’re struggling to come up with an idea for our monster trucks, we’ll watch a few short videos of monster trucks in action to spur our creativity.

Rolling Thunder of Destruction

A monster truck on its own offers plenty of coloring fun with its variety of shapes and colors. When the destructive force of the monster trucks guides the art, the page can turn into a beautiful derby of destruction. One of my favorite ways to use digital coloring pages is to resize them to fit more on the page, but monster trucks are amazing for more traditional combination methods. Starting with one or two large monster truck coloring pages, we’ll give them a slick design. A quick snip of the scissors around the edge lifts them out of their old page, and we can paste them onto a much larger piece of construction paper. Usually, it’s a thick brown sheet to match the muddy floor of a monster truck rally.

Once the monster trucks are on the page, we add details like the smashed cars behind them, wreckage scattered around the arena, and more obstacles ready to be fodder. It doesn’t have to be coherent or make sense, as long as it’s fun. Every now and then, we’ll add in friends from our favorite series like Power Rangers¬† The end result is a glorious mural of impressive vehicles and utter mayhem that is fun to show off to friends and parents.