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A house with kids is not complete without a couple of Minion items scattered all over the place. We all love their bright yellow color. Whether we have it on a T-shirt or stickers we can use to decorate. These tiny henchmen can leave us with a number of emotions. Some of us simply adore them. On the other hand a handful of us find them baffling. Yet, we’ve all seen the movies, and we know Bob, Kevin, and Stuart. But just like everything else that we have grown to love with our coloring pages, our minions will always leave us with many questions. The main question is where did they come from? The great news is that we don’t need to wonder about most of these questions anymore. Let’s read on to find out more about our favorite yellow henchmen. 

Where did the Minions Come From?

When we think of minions, we will always ask ourselves where they come from. Or, how did they become such a phenomenal commercial idea. First things first, we should tackle the story of where they come from. In our minions coloring pages, we get to see how they evolve in the ocean. This means that they are like any other complex organisms that have undergone a similar evolutionary story. The other side of the coin is that Gru, their favorite super villain, uses a gun to transform humans that he finds annoying into these yellow henchmen. 

If we stick to the story of them coming from the sea, then this means that these little guys have been around for millions of years. In fact, they have been shown serving different masters throughout time in the Minions movie. This includes an evil Tyrannosaurus rex, vampires, and ancient Egyptians. According to sources, the minions that we get to color in have been around for approximately 60 million years. 

The commercial side of their origins dates back to the 2010 computer-animated film, Despicable Me. We can never forget how these tiny yellow guys stole the entire movie. Even though they were only meant to play second fiddle to the main character. A movie focusing on them was inevitable after their debut success. We have been so lucky to witness their character development throughout the years. If our coloring pages are anything to go by, then our minions still have a lot more to offer us.

Fun Facts about Minions

One thing that we all know is that minions love eating bananas. We also can’t deny how cute they are in their denim outfits and black gloves. But, there are other things that we should know about our favorite henchmen. These are the most interesting and fun facts that our kids and us should know to make our coloring pages more magical. 

  • Each Minion only has three fingers to make a full hand.
  • Unlike us, they don’t need any oxygen to breathe. This means that they can survive in any environment. Even in outer space without any equipment. 
  • They either have a single eye or two eyes. Some even wear goggles for no reason. 
  • We can say that they are multilingual since the language that they speak is a mixture of different languages in one. They speak English, Korean, Italian, and Spanish in one.
  • We don’t know if they have gender identifiers. We also don’t have much of an idea about how they reproduce. 
  • They are a huge family. In total, the number of minions that we have in each movie is 899. It’s an odd number, but these tiny creatures are also an odd bunch.