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For a decade, Minecraft has been providing endless hours of adventure for both kids and adults. Some people enjoy the thrill of surviving a harsh world and fighting monsters while scrounging for resources. Others devote their time to building immense structures inside the game’s block-shaped building engine. More advanced players even create entire worlds with new game rules for other players to enjoy. When my kid and I want to find something creative and artistic to do, blending our love of Minecraft with coloring is a great family activity away from the screen.

Be There and Be Square

With dozens of monsters and animals plus nearly endless customization options for the player models, any character can show up in a Minecraft world. For those who have never played before, it can help to look through the characters to get a feel for the blocky style and learn about the iconic characters. Steve is the first player avatar, and he is typically accompanied by a horse and a tamed wolf. My favorite is the Enderman, a lanky and dark being that can teleport and steal blocks. Creepers are an explosive menace that terrifies both survivalists and builders. The most dangerous creature in the game is the Ender Dragon, who lives on the other side of a magical portal.

Make Your Own Texture Pack

Minecraft players can download texture packs that change the look of many of the default blocks. We use that as a guideline to create a unique world with its own set of fun rules. For an alien landscape, we do things like turn the grass into reds and purples while having multicolored foliage on the trees. To make more textured blocks, we will pick two or three colors per block type and repeat a pattern on each one. I love having the freedom to change any aspect of the world that I want, and so does my kid.

Test Your Minecraft Builds

Putting an idea for a building or object onto a coloring page is a fast way to see how it might look when built inside of Minecraft. It doesn’t give the full 3D experience, but it helps work out details like the shape of a tower, the colors of the walls, or where a lava trap will best stop the zombies and skeletons at night. We will use existing settings and add customizations, or sometimes my kid really wants to focus on one character and provide them with an interesting background. If something doesn’t look quite right, we can make adjustments faster than we could by moving all of the blocks around in-game.

Build Your Own World

More than anything, Minecraft is about creating and exploring. I like to do both by taking your coloring pages and building larger scenes out of them. There are two fun and crafty ways to accomplish this.

The first is to cut out the finished characters and settings from some coloring pages and paste them onto other coloring pages. Since the pictures are likely to be big, I usually like to get a really large piece of paper to serve as the backdrop. That way, we can create an adventure mural out of the Minecraft characters.

When I want to get my kid working on his computer skills, I have him help me edit a scene together in a simple editor like MS Paint. We clip out the characters we want to include, shrink them down, and add them onto other coloring pages to create our own adventures. This does require digital coloring pages plus a computer to edit them together, but it’s a fun way to blend digital and traditional art.