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Are Mermaids real or are they just our favorite mythical creatures? We’ve all heard the stories from fishermen about how they’ve spotted a mermaid in their fishing escapades. Our kids love dressing up as these intriguing human-like creatures. There is a common story about how they can sing you a tune that can make you lose control of your senses. Our favorite mermaid, Ariel, has made us fall in love with the sweet and innocent attributes of mermaids.

But, how much of their existence is the truth? And how much of it is just made up? Perhaps, our mermaid coloring pages will give us better insight into what’s real and what we choose to imagine. Although, having a wild imagination is never a bad idea when we have to color in our pages. Let’s read on to find out these 5 facts that we likely don’t know about mermaids. 

1. They are in every culture

Whether we live in America or Africa, there is a high possibility that we have heard of a mermaid or know someone who claims to have seen one in their lifetime. In fact, in almost every culture, there is a story that details the most interesting things about mermaids. For instance, in all stories, they have fish or snake tails. If we take a close look at our coloring pages, we will see the scales on the lower part of their bodies as well. In all cultures, they have some common features. Things like their tails, long hair, and melodic voices are things that we grow to know about stories told about mermaids. 

2. They have powers

We all know that mermaids can sing songs that can turn our lives upside down if we ever hear them. But, there are more things that mermaids are said to do that go beyond singing. According to folklore, they are immortal. Plus, they can either see the future or they can have telepathic abilities. On the other hand, we can stumble upon sirens. These are the more aggressive kind of mermaids that we can find. They are known to have destructive powers. They have always been associated with the terrible and unexplainable storms that sailors are often lured into in the middle of the ocean. 

3. They are women

In all the different accounts from people who have spotted mermaids, they have never spoken about sighting males. They always talk about seeing women in the sea. They always appear beautiful with streaks of long and lush hair. This is why some cultures believe that we have descended from mermaids. According to these stories, evolution helped us to drop our tails so that we would be able to walk on land. 

4. Aquamarine is mermaid tears

We’ve all seen the beauty that is an aquamarine gemstone. This is said to be one of the most cherished stones that we can ever come across. It is in fact a powerful gemstone that is believed to have come from mermaids. Some people believe that it contains mermaid tears. To an extent that sailors would want to possess it as a protective force when they ventured into the deep blue sea. Some even believed that it protected them if they accidentally fell into the ocean. 

5. They are vegetarian 

This might be a shock to all of us considering that it should make sense for mermaids to eat fish. But, unfortunately, they get sick when they eat fish or even human flesh. They are far better off when they stick to eating fruits and vegetables even when they are underwater.