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My childhood happened at an exciting time. I grew up pretty close to the beginning of the mainstream video game age. I was not present right at the beginning, but I remember a lot of the earliest consoles. My first video game console was the Nintendo Entertainment System. Yes, the original with the directional pad, start, select, and the two red buttons on the controller. But, one constant of video games since that first Nintendo console has been Mario. The Super Mario Series game franchise has come a long way since that first game. Today, people of all age groups recognize and love the characters of the Mario world.

Coloring Mario and His Friends

Mario and his large group of friends and enemies provide an extensive kingdom for your kids to interact with while using their creativity. The colors of these characters and their surroundings are vibrant, unique, and extremely fun. If you or your children are fans of Mario, then these Mario coloring pages will be a resource to spend a day coloring in a fun way. Get some backup crayons, colored pencils, or markers for these fun coloring sheets.

The Characters You Can Color

Mario: Of course, the headliner for these coloring pages is the main character. Mario is an Italian plumber dressed in a red shirt, overalls, and sporting an epic mustache. It is a no-brainer that your child will want to color the protagonist character the game is named after on a coloring sheet.

Luigi: Luigi is Mario’s brother. He is taller than his brother, dressed in overalls, and he wears green in contrast to his brother’s red outfit. Luigi is another of the main characters that players of the game can use as their avatars.

Princess Peach: In a lot of the original games, Mario would often rescue Princess Peach. However, in later games, she has become a playable character and is no longer a damsel in distress. Kids will love coloring her with her long blonde hair and flowing pink gown.

Yoshi: Yoshi is a dinosaur-like companion of Mario. Mario rides Yoshi like a horse in some of the games, and in other games, Yoshi is a playable avatar. Yoshi is an incredibly popular character due to his cute appearance and usefulness in the game.

Toad: This character started in the game series as a helpful character from the Mushroom Kingdom who bestowed valuable items. However, he has now evolved and adapted to being a playable character in some formats. Toad is fun to color due to his mushroom top head and cute appearance.

Bowser: Bowser of King Koopa is the main antagonist to Mario. He is a dinosaur-like being with a spiked shell, and he even breathes fire. Bowser will be a favorite to color in his castle due to his fierce appearance and reputation as the main bad guy.

Wario: Wario is the arch-rival of Mario. Wario looks somewhat like Mario, but he is mean. He is bigger and usually decked out in yellow and purple. A Mario coloring page depicting Wario can be fun for older kids or even toddlers.

Waluigi: Waluigi is to Luigi as Wario is to Mario. Waluigi is a gangly doppelganger to Luigi and acts as his arch-rival. He is often in company with Wario as the two plot how to bring down the Super Mario Bros.

King Boo: This spectral character is a giant ghost with a golden crown on his head. King Boo acts as an antagonist in many of the games and as a playable character in others. Kids will enjoy Super Mario coloring pages depicting King Boo as he tries to thwart the game’s heroes.