Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable lizards coloring pages below.

At some point in our lives we will deal with our kids wanting to have a pet lizard. We can only hope that this phase doesn’t last longer than it needs to. However, staying prepared for it is always a good idea. This is why the information that is contained in our lizard coloring pages is important. We should learn as much as we can about what makes lizards scary and appealing at the same time. Our kids will likely enjoy these facts about lizards more than we think. Let’s keep on reading to learn more. 

1. They Lose Their Tails

If a lizard is caught by surprise and their tail is caught up, he can choose to detach it from his body. This is usually their common way to escape from a predator. This is a reflex that many lizard species possess. But we don’t have to see a predator to witness this in our lizards. At times, when they’re under a lot of stress they can undergo this reflex. When we come across any lizards without tails in our coloring pages, we shouldn’t think that it’s odd. This is very normal. In fact, even when we notice it for the first time at home we should remain calm. The tail grows back. 

2. They Live Almost Anywhere 

The only place that we can exclude when we think of where lizards live is only Antarctica. Otherwise, we will find them in every other corner of the world. They’re in our homes, forests, and even on mountain sides. In our coloring pages, we should have our lizards in different habitats. This versatility in how they live should be helpful to us. We can have fun recreating their different habitats. 

3. They Can Survive Without Ever Drinking Water

Yes, this is an accurate fact. A certain type of species of lizards that we can find in deserted areas can live without water. Contrary, lizards that come from more marshy and swampy areas need water to survive. So, if we are planning on getting a lizard pet at home, we should consider doing a lot of research first. The last thing that we want to do is to get the wrong lizard and give it too much water. This can be a health hazard for them. We should avoid anything that gets us into trouble with our kids. We should also teach them this very crucial fact when we are coloring our lizard pages. 

4. Some Are Dangerous 

Our kids should know that not all lizards are pet-friendly to keep in their rooms. For instance, the Gila Monster is known for how lethal its venom is to humans. Even though it’s rare for us to come across a lethal lizard type, we should still remain vigilant. More so when we decide to take the kids on a camping trip in Utah or Nevada. We’ve also heard scary stories about the Komodo dragon. Not only are these gigantic, but they can cripple us with their venom. It can take up to an hour to feel the effects of this venom. 

5. They Change Color

Growing up, we would come across chameleons a lot. These lizard species are known for their extraordinary ability to change color as they will. They can make it difficult for us to find them when they camouflage with their background. Getting one as a pet can be interesting. The reason for the color change is broad. Some research shows that it can be made by their environment. On the other hand, it’s said that it can be because of the presence of other lizards nearby.