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I have never been to Africa or seen a lion in the wild. I have seen many lions in zoos. One memory still gives me the shivers. I approached the lion enclosure late in the evening at the local zoo; nobody else was around. As I went, I grabbed a metal bar that was part of the dividing safeguard, and a loud clang rang out as my ring hit the bar. Immediately, the male lion who was resting jumped to its feet and looked towards me. Our eyes met, and I am not lying; I saw my death in those golden orbs. We stared at each other for minutes, and I distinctly got the impression that if not for the barricade between us, I would have been his dinner. Needless to say, the lion is not my favorite animal.

The lion is the king of the African plains. These giant cats are the muscle and alpha predators of their ecosystem. With few rivals, the lion has a majestic reputation. Because of this fierce reputation, lion coloring pages are popular for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids to color. Whether it is a coloring page of lions in the wild, famous cartoons, or some of the stories or myths about lions, your kids will be searching for colored pencils after seeing these printable lion coloring pages.

A Little About Lions

The lion is a gigantic cat. Male lions can weigh upwards of 500 pounds, and females can weigh up to 400 pounds. Male lions are distinct due to their thick manes. These manes are used to attract females, but they are also there to protect the lion’s head and neck area during fights. Male lions often fight each other for dominance over the pride. The loser is usually run off or killed. The culture of lions is fascinating and brutal, but parents should maybe think twice about letting their toddler, preschooler, or kindergarten-aged kid watch the next lion documentary.

Pictures of Lions

Lion coloring pages are a fun activity for your kids. Lions are distinctive for their beauty and golden coloring. Kids will love coloring the lion in a vibrant depiction of the African plains. They may also enjoy coloring wildebeests, elephants, antelope, and zebras found in the same ecosystem. Or, perhaps the infamous hyena, the lion’s chief rival. Scenes depicting these animals provide lots of variety of colors and excellent entertainment for your kids.

The Lion King

Of course, lion coloring sheets will depict scenes and characters from Disney’s The Lion King. The fantastic story of the cartoon lion Simba and the tragic loss of his father, Mufasa, has been entertaining young children since the 90s. The many colorful characters of this classic tale are sure to provide hours of coloring fun for children of all ages. You may even want to play some of the songs from the film as you color these lion king coloring pages.

Popular Lion Stories and Legends

Lions have graced the stories and legends of humanity for thousands of years. In the Bible, the boy David kills a lion with his bare hands, and of course, the story of Daniel in the lion’s den is timeless. Greek mythology depicts Hercules defeating the Nemean Lion as one of his labors. A weapon of any kind could not penetrate the Nemean Lion’s hide. C.S. Lewis created Aslan, who was also a lion in his Chronicles of Narnia book series. Aslan, in many ways, acts as a Christian symbol in the Narnia books. In Medieval times, the lion became a symbol of bravery and chivalry. One king of England was nicknamed “Lionheart” due to his extreme bravery.

Children will love coloring pages that depict any of these famous lion stories. Whether it is Aslan, Hercules struggling with a monstrous lion, or just a picture of a funny lion, coloring these lion coloring pages provides a fun way to spend the day.