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A lot of us don’t know where the name LEGO comes from. However, this name comes from a Danish word. The original Danish word is Leg Godt, which means to “play well”. These millions of miniature figures are world-famous. In fact, if we were to stretch them out, they could cover the distance from the UK to China. This is massive. If we were to convert it using our distance metrics, it would be close to 5000 miles of stretched mini figures. Our LEGO coloring pages should give us a lot of interesting things to discover. 

1. LEGO is Old

We have been playing with these famous plastic bricks for a long time. Our kids certainly love them more than we do. They’ve been around for approximately 50 years now. According to sources, the very first bricks that were made in 1958 can still fit perfectly into the ones that our kids love playing with today. 

The molds that are used to create these famous bricks are so accurate that less than 20 can fail to meet the standards set by the LEGO company. The quality has remained the same from the first brick until the millions that have been produced afterwards. 

2. There are Many of Them

If we thought that LEGO couldn’t have more interesting facts, we couldn’t be more wrong. Not only is the tallest LEGO tower something to marvel at. But, it can stand over 90 feet tall when we use more than 400 000 bricks to make it stand. But that’s not all. The LEGO population is huge. These mini figures have been estimated to be more than 4 billion scattered all over the world. Some can even be found stuck on the soles of our feet. We have a lot of thes3 toys in boxes in our homes. 

3. LEGO Produces Rubber Wheels

When we see the name LEGO, we forget that they are behind the leading rubber wheels that we use. According to research, this company produces more tires than all the other rubber wheel manufacturers that we can think of. 

4. They Make Life-sized Statues

There are so many LEGO statues that we’ve come across in our lives. The most famous life-sized creation from LEGO sets was the one that was done in 2009. This was a house that was made from 3.3 million bricks. In this house there were other fascinating features that were included. Things like a flush able toilet as well as a bed and a shower were part of this amazing house. There have been other creations that have been made from LEGO pieces over the years. 

5. They Don’t Support Violence

When we go through our coloring pages, we’ll notice that there is one thing that is missing from the sets that we get to color in. None of them include anything with the army. There aren’t any sets that promote military themes. The creator of these bricks didn’t want war to be something that appeals to our children. 

6. They’ve Been to Space

When we think LEGO are everywhere, we surely don’t think that space is included in this list. However, that’s exactly where these bricks have been. In 2011, they were part of the astronauts who jetted to space. This was a special program that was designed to show how they reacted to any microgravity changes. These bricks aren’t known as the toys of the century for no reason. They have done all they can to surpass other famous toys like Barbie from the ranks. Even our common teddy doesn’t come close to what these toys can do.