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What Kind of Leaves Coloring Pages Can I Find

If you are like me, then you know all about the joys of fall and autumn as a season. The season of fall is the best, mainly thanks to the colors! You can see every color of the rainbow in a bed of fallen fall leaves, especially where I live in the Pacific Northwest. We have light teal leaves, burnt sienna-colored leaves, and even bushes with all red leaves in the fall. 

It’s a gorgeous season for sure! Now, how can I capture the essence of fall with artwork quite easily? With a leaves coloring page or three, of course. Here are some ways that I choose leaves coloring pages whenever I want to inspire myself with some fall and autumn hues.

Seasonal Leaves Coloring Pages

The vast variety of seasonal leaves coloring pages is probably the most popular kind I buy. I enjoy the fall season, but there are actually four seasons to think about! There are the spring leaves dotted with flowers from fruiting trees, especially apple and cherry blossoms. These are a huge hit among coloring book publishers since these leaves are so colorful–more than just the standard green.

A summer-themed leaves coloring book features more movement and fullness in the leaves. Here you have insects and heat waves adding elements to the pictures most of the time. I like to create the look of fabrics and textures with markers by making lines into coloring book prints. This adds to the artistic nature of my work as well. 

Fall, of course, is the season we always think of, but what about the leaves of winter? When I think of winter leaves, I come to these evergreens covered with snow caps and tipped like Old Man Winter and his heavy stocking hat! I must have snow or snowflakes when painting a winter scene on a leaves coloring sheet–or at least some blue hues.

Fantasy Leaves Coloring Sheets

So many fantasy books have magical trees. I think of the Whomping Willow in Harry Potter that loses all of its leaves in a shiver. Then there is the October Tree by Ray Bradbury, which has a very magical feel indeed. Inspiring myself to complete fantasy leaves coloring pages is easy since there are so many of these trees in fantasy tales.

There’s also the Dark Forest, which is also from Harry Potter, as well as the forest from The Lord of the Rings series of books. These woods give off an eerie cast and glow that I often mimic when painting on coloring sheets that are fantasy themed.

Regional and International Leaves Coloring  

In Japan, the cherry blossom trees are the most beautiful–and quite popular for leaves coloring pages. I find bonsai trees and their tiny leaves to be another fun selection for coloring. In my backyard, we have a bonsai tree museum where there are several dozen picturesque bonsai trees out on display and free for public viewing.

It’s a great place to be inspiration when doing leaves coloring pages! I suggest searching for local forests in your backyard to get ideas on how to color leaves according to your region. 

It’s also fun to search for trees and leaves in other countries to find ways to color leaves. For example, if you have Russian or African ancestry, take a peek at the most popular trees in their forests. Then search for leaves coloring pages that are based on those trees. It’s great to learn about trees and leaves while coloring these gorgeous products of nature.