Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable justice league coloring pages below.

The Justice League is a collection of DC Comics superheroes that includes household names like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. For as long as most of us have been alive, these wondrous people have been our modern-day mythos, teaching us lessons about kindness, perseverance, and responsibility. With their colorful costumes and action-filled adventures, they also make for great coloring pages.

Know Your Heroes

Before you get into coloring the superheroes, it can help to have an idea of their normal appearance and have a basic understanding of their powers. Some kids can be particular about coloring their favorite superheroes the right way and getting the facts right, so here’s a roster of the most prominent names to help you familiarize yourself. The lineup frequently changes, and even the same heroes can have different appearances and identities over time.

Superman possesses a multitude of nearly limitless powers, such as flight, strength, speed, and even laser beams from his eyes. His typical costume is primarily blue with red as secondary and yellow accents.

Batman is “The Dark Knight”, a powerless hero who uses an array of gadgets and skills funded by his rich real identity. Recent costumes are heavy on black and gray, but older versions had more blue.

The Flash is a speedster who is faster than Superman, if not as tough. He’s usually clad in red with a yellow lightning bolt symbol.

Wonder Woman is a warrior princess with great strength and agility. Some versions of Wonder Woman have the power to fly. Her costume features strong reds, blues, and golds.

Cyborg is a composite of man and machine with powerful weapons and the intelligence of a computer. His cybernetic parts are usually steel with glowing lights.

The Green Lantern has a magical ring that allows him to conjure a green light into any shape he can imagine. As his name suggests, his costume is usually green.

Aquaman is the King of Atlantis with the ability to control sea creatures. Sea green and gold make up his usual colors, and he tends to have a scaled look.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change It Up

Sometimes it’s the kids who are particular about how a hero looks, but we adults can be stuck in tradition as well. If your child wants to make a bright pink Superman that shoots rainbows out of his eyes, then let them go for it. When they decide that their Justice League is only made up of heroes that are colored like Minecraft creepers, let them have it. Coloring should be about encouraging creativity, especially if it doesn’t go the way that you expect.

Bringing the Heroes to Life

One way that the kids and I like to use the Justice League coloring pages is to cut and paste the colored superheroes onto other pages. If you take a larger sheet of construction paper, you can create epic scenes that involve heroes, villains, and terrain. With a few speech bubbles and lines, you can make your own family comic book featuring your favorite characters.

It helps to have a few different coloring page options for each hero, so you can capture the right pose for each frame. For digital coloring pages, you can snip out specific parts of the image and make them bigger or smaller with only a little bit of photo editing skills involved. Like normal comic book artistry, it helps to create an outline of the page before you start coloring, cutting, and pasting your heroes into position.