Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable ice cream coloring pages below.

We all love ice cream. It’s one of the most versatile snacks and desserts that we enjoy to have. The great thing about our favorite frozen food is that we enjoy it even on a cold day. It’s just that good. Our kids can’t even go a week without wanting to take a trip to the local ice cream truck. The burst of delicious flavors keep on making us want more. Even if we think that we are pros at eating ice cream, there are lots of amazing facts that we don’t know about it. Fortunately, we have these ice cream coloring pages to teach us a thing or two about our favorite frozen food. Let’s keep reading to find out more. 

1. California is the Ice Cream Hub 

Since our coloring pages are full of different kinds of ice cream that we can have fun coloring in, we should know where we can find the most ice cream in our country. In the U.S. California is known as the leading producer of our favorite treat. In one year, there were more than 120 million gallons of ice cream that were produced. We can only imagine the number of people who enjoyed having ice cream that year alone. 

2. Chocolate Syrup is the most Preferred Topping 

There are many reasons why we love to have chocolate flavored ice cream. Some of us choose chocolate because it has some great health benefits for us. While the rest of us choose it because it is simply delicious. Whatever the reasons are, chocolate syrup is our preferred choice. In fact, it doesn’t matter what flavor ice cream we are having, we are likely to opt for this flavored syrup to be the topping of our choice. 

3. We Love Cones

When we go through our coloring pages, we will notice the amount of cones that we have to color in. The great thing about cones is that they also come in different flavors. Imagine being done with the ice cream and finishing up with a bite of a delicious cone. We all love the last bit of ice cream eating. It’s the kind of twist to any treat that we should look forward to. According to a study done, it takes up to 50 licks for us to finish off an ice cream cone. It doesn’t sound like a lot of licks, but when we are enjoying every lick of our cone, it can surprisingly feel like it’s less than this amount. 

4. We Need a lot of Milk

The fact of the matter is that the ice cream industry is huge in America. It is estimated that we eat so much ice cream, this industry makes more than $20 billion every year. This means that to meet the demands of our consumption, we equally need a lot of Milk to produce these amazing flavors. In fact, to get one gallon of ice cream, we need to have twelve gallons of milk. Now, imagine how many gallons of milk are needed to produce more than 120 million gallons of ice cream? 

5. Brain Freeze is a Thing

Coloring in our ice cream pages is a lot of fun. We get to discover new flavors and new facts that we didn’t know about. For example, not all of us get brain freeze. But, if we do, it happens when the roof of our mouths gets touched by the cold ice. When this happens, the blood vessels in our head can be dilated. Then we experience a sensation of our brains freezing for a short moment.