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The great thing about coloring pages is that I get to learn a lot of things that I didn’t know about. Take for instance these coloring pages for horses. They are filled with different pictures that we can color in. The great news is that we can also learn a great deal about our horses. It doesn’t matter if I am a horsey person or not. Keep reading to find out a lot of interesting facts about one of our favorite animals. 

1. They are Large

I enjoy going horse riding, and the one thing that I’ve noticed is that horses are huge animals. The smallest horse that we can find can weigh around 800 pounds. And it just gets bigger and heavier from then on. I used to think that a small pony wouldn’t give me the run for my money when it comes to power and strength, I had to think again. 

A horse’s size should be something that makes us cautious when we’re riding one. It’s easy for us to fall off our horse. So, we should be extra cautious when we’re on our horse. Since our horse is big, he makes for interesting coloring activities. We also don’t have to worry too much about coloring within the lines. 

2. They Eat a Lot

I wasn’t aware that our horse has a tendency of overeating. And that this can make him gain a lot of weight. This is why it’s important for us to find a way to regulate the amount of hay that our horse eats. On the other hand, we’ll find that other horses find it easy to self-regulate when it comes to eating. Our main job is to provide him with forage at all times. The good news is that the hay that we find nowadays is packed with nutritional value. When we’re coloring in our pages, we should make sure to include this important detail. 

3. They have Unique Personalities 

I was surprised to find that our horse is similar to me. When I think about the unique personalities that my family has, I realized that our horse has different types of personalities. He can be an overachiever, or lazy. It can take us some time to identify any of these attributes. But, if we take our time and go through our coloring pages, we’ll realize that we have different horses with interesting personalities to color in. 

4. They Can Learn Easily 

Our horse is a great animal for us to get to know. Moreover, it’s easy for us to teach him things. Even though we might notice that he’s generally quiet, we’ll be amazed to see just how quickly he’ll learn everything. This is one unique trait that allows him to communicate with us properly when we have to ride him. Plus, we can even teach him tricks that can leave us in awe. We can show this in our interactive coloring pages. There are different horses that do different things. We can even decide to use different colors to show the different tricks that our horse can do. 

5. They have Good Memory Recall 

I was amazed to find out how easily our horse can recognize us. Our horse tends to like us according to what he remembers us for. So, if I’ve shown him kindness, he will remember that. And if our horse isn’t familiar with someone, he can be a bit standoffish with that person. Think of it as having a sixth sense that warns us when someone is a potential threat or not. But, according to studies, horses don’t hold grudges. The moment that we show him that we’ve changed, our horse will adapt with us.