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The fox is a fascinating animal that has always interested me. I mean, when our language has an adjective like ‘foxy,’ there is something about these forest animals that we find alluring. The fox is a graceful and beautiful wild animal, which is why we use the word fox as a root to describe people or things with grace and beauty.

Kids and adults alike can have a lot of fun coloring some fox coloring pages. Coloring a fox will provide a lot of opportunities to use your orange crayon. But, there are many pictures of foxes that will bring out the other colors of the rainbow.

A Little About Foxes

There are many types of foxes, and not all of them are red. The arctic fox, for example, has a beautiful white coat. The gray fox can be orange-coated, but it is also commonly gray or brown. The Fennec Fox, native to Egypt and other parts of Africa, is a beautiful golden color. The Fennec Fox is a little fox made distinct due to its large ears.

Foxes are generally nocturnal, and they have many more similarities to cats than to dogs. The fox is reclusive and avoids interactions with others except for during the time they are raising a fox family. Another fun fact about foxes is that they are incredibly stinky. So, you might smell it before you see it.

Coloring Foxes

Most often, you will find the fox coloring page depicts either the Red Fox or the ever-popular Fennec Fox. Red Foxes are what most people think about with their red fur, bushy tails, and distinctive coloring on the tail and head. Fennec foxes are the adorable big-eared foxes mentioned earlier.

Coloring fox coloring sheets can range from simple pages of just a basic fox or cartoon fox to intricate and detailed pictures of foxes in full wildlife scenes. It will help if you gauge the skill level of your child before printing off these pictures. Older kids will like the complete scenes with life-like foxes. And, if your kids are in preschool, they will enjoy a more straightforward picture to practice their fine motor skills.

There are also fox coloring pages for adults. These printable pictures are of the mosaic variety with lots of small spaces that look like it will take a year to color. These ultra-detailed pictures are great for grown-ups and older kids as well.

Famous Foxes

Often, I have found that kids like to color characters that they know. And, several well-known fox characters have appeared in books, fairy tales, and the media throughout the years.

In Disney’s version of Pinnochio, many will rememberthat the poor puppet is tricked by none other than John Worthington Foulfellow, a fox. This is one of many instances where the fox is depicted as untrustworthy or a villain.

However, Disney has also depicted foxes in the role of hero if somewhat on the rogueish side. Disney’s telling of Robin Hood sets the story in the animal kingdom. And, it seems only fitting that the wily thief who steals from the rich to give to the poor is a fox. Disney’s Zootopia portrays Nick Wylde, a conman fox, who starts as an antagonist but soon becomes a friend to Officer Hops.

Whether it is a villainous fox that tricks little puppets, a heroic archer fox, or even a fox con, there are hours of fun that can be spent coloring these memorable fox characters.

The video game world also has a famous fox. Sonic the Hedgehogvideo games often depict the trusty sidekick to Sonic, Tails. Tails is a multi-tailed fox that aids Sonic in his adventures. Fans of Sonic will appreciate a coloring page displaying tails.