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Fun Facts About Soccer for Kids

What’s going on, cool kids? I gotta some thrilling news today. I’ll tell you amazing facts about soccer or football. You might be a fan of American football, which is popular. But I’ll share with you cool facts about soccer, which is all over the world. Let’s dive in.

When did soccer begin? There’s no clear date, but some form of soccer was there around 3000 years ago.

Unlike American football, soccer is the most well-known sport all around the globe. Some people call it football in many countries.  250 million footballers play the game in over 200 nations. 

About 150 years ago, several clubs came together to form the Football Association in England.

The Federation Internationale de Football (FIFA) is in charge of world soccer. Some people created FIFA in 1904 in Paris to develop clear and fair soccer rules. FIFA organizes the Football World Cup.

For a soccer game to take off, there must be two teams with 11 players each. Each player has a specific position they play. Here are the examples, not in any order.

  • goalkeeper
  • fullback
  • sweeper
  • center-back
  • wingback
  • defensive midfielder
  • center-midfielder
  • attacking midfielder
  • forward
  • winger
  • striker

Soccer teams play on a grassy field. It’s called a rectangular pitch. It’s 300 to 450 feet long and 150 to 300 feet wide.

A standard football game lasts 90 minutes. The 90 minutes are halved, giving us the first half of 45 minutes and the second half with the remaining 45 minutes. 

The American soccer championship that has been played for many years is the US Open Cup. Teams competed for the first cup way back in 1914. It was called the National Challenge Cup. The competition has three levels of teams playing professional soccer.

The best teams in Major League Soccer win the Supporters’ Shield. And the two teams that have each won the award four times are DC United and LA Galaxy. 

 In the 1997-1998 season, one team remained unbeaten for 15 games in a row.  And in the MLS, the LA Galaxy went for 12 games on a winning streak. 

In one season, players can reach 27 goals. But several players contribute to the number of goals. 

Landon Donovan scored a total of 144 goals in the MLS for the LA Galaxy. It was during their four Major League Soccer Cup victories. His next rival is the Jamaican Jeff Cunningham with 134 goals.

When soccer started in England, both women and men got involved at the same time. But men’s soccer was more popular. It was around the 1990s that women’s football became more noticeable and well-received in the world.

A long time ago, the Chinese made their soccer balls from sewn clothing filled with rubble. During the Middle Ages, the Europeans used inflated pig bladders as soccer balls.

However, modern footballs are made from synthetic leather layers with latex or butyl bladders inside them. Do you know the various soccer shots? Check them out below.

  • Swerve shot
  • Instep drive or knuckle shot
  • Full volley
  • Flying volley
  • Side volley
  • Half volley

Free Printable Soccer Coloring Pages

I guess you now have an interest in soccer. What is your favorite football? World soccer or American football? I used to play the first one. I wasn’t a professional soccer player. When I got a knee injury, I stopped playing.

Do you know Manchester United (Man U) and Lionel Messi?

Here’s a brilliant collection of free printable soccer coloring pages. The sports coloring pages are great for preschoolers, toddlers, and even older kids. Boys and girls will have lots of fun working on each football coloring page.

Kids will color many exciting things. They include a soccer ball, a soccer player, a FIFA World Cup, a goalkeeper, and a soccer fan. Also, they need crayons to illustrate each coloring page. The little ones can share coloring ideas with their friends.