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An illustration of a large sunflower in full bloom with plenty of clouds behind it.
A garden of beautiful roses sits behind a sturdy fence on a nice cloudy day,
An illustration of a lovely flower garden being admired by a happy ant and a smiling sun.
An illustration of a border of beautiful flower vines with a large butterfly hovering over it.
A rustic wooden wheelbarrow filled with different kinds of flowers.
An illustration of a bouquet of beautiful healthy roses on display.
A hummingbird flies from its home to check out the surrounding flowers.
An illustration of two birds flying towards a charming birdhouse enveloped in flowers.
A happy girl holds on to her watering can while she admires her beautiful flower garden.
An illustration of an ornate arrangement of flowers wherein a head of a pretty bird is sticking out.
An illustration of a lovely flower arrangement with a smiling cat at the center.
An illustration of three butterflies flying over a set of healthy flowers and wilting flowers.
An illustration of a train of pretty flowers and butterflies.
An illustration of lotus flowers, lotus buds, and lotus leaves on a pond.
An illustration of a flowery garden with dandelion seeds and butterflies dancing on the air.
An illustration of blooming orchids and a large lady bug amidst them.
An illustration a flowery collage with pretty birds and other intricate details.
An illustration of flowers arranged in a vase on a wooden table.

Fun Flower Facts for Amazing Kids!

What’s up, guys and gals? Today, we’ll have fun with cool flowers. Let’s get started.

How many types of flowers do you know? Plenty. You can call flowers blossom or bloom of a plant. When you see flowers, understand that they’re the reproductive sections of flowering plants. These plants are known as Angiosperms or Magnoliophyta. Please avoid calling your pet by these names. They’re hard to remember.

The flower appears from a stalk, which gives it balance. It has petals with parts that produce seeds and pollen. Whenever you see a flower showing its beautiful parts, the plant ‘is flowering,’ ‘flowers’ or ‘is in flower.’ 

The world has many different kinds of flowers. Even the desert and the Arctic have flowers.

Here are more fascinating facts about flowers.

  • Flowering plants need flowers to reproduce on their own or by cross-pollination. 
  • Did you know there’s a whopping 300,000 flowering plant species? That’s amazing!
  • Do you like flowers? We bet you do. We, too, like flowers. They come in different kinds of colors, sizes, and shapes.
  • Have you ever seen emerald green or black flowers? Well, they’re rare.
  • The corpse lily (Rafflesia) is a giant flowering plant with a diameter of 3.3 feet. 
  • But the watermeal species are the tiniest flowering plants. Its diameter is 0.004 inches. 
  • Flowers give off a variety of fragrances. 
  • Some flower fragrances are sweet-smelling, while others have a bad scent. 
  • Fragrances are critical for flowering plants. Some can draw animals and insects, but other scents can ward them off.
  • Perfume makers use orchids to know which fragrance chemicals are perfect for cologne or perfume.
  • Did you know that the morning glory knows when to wake up and go to sleep? In the early morning, when the sun rises, it opens. It remains like this the whole day. But it closes at the setting of the sun. Clever!
  • Sunflowers provide animals and us with seeds containing minerals, fat, and vitamins.
  • You can use roses to beautify your home. Some people add roses to water to improve their taste. Or add it to jellies and jams.
  • The most common flower that is a weed and grows pretty fast is the dandelion.
  • Have you ever eaten flowers before? If you say yes, you probably ate vegetable broccoli. It’s a flower.
  • One of the carnivorous plants is the Venus flytrap. Amazing!
  • People plant flowers in their gardens to make them beautiful and emit sweet scents.
  • Roses are cousins to almonds, apples, pears, plums, peaches, cherries, and raspberries.
  • In the 1600s, tulip bulbs were pricier than gold in Holland.
  • Some ancient people burned aster leaves to protect themselves against evil spirits.
  • Chefs say that you can use tulip bulbs in place of onions.
  • The Martians in Europe use chrysanthemums at funerals. They believe the flower brings bad luck.
  • Saffron, which comes from a crocus flower, is the costliest spice. 

Free Printable Flower Coloring Pages

You’re now a flower expert. Congrats! The juicy and fun part for your kids is the vast collection of brilliant free printable flower coloring pages. Parents can work with their little ones and even older kids to color the many different flower coloring sheets.

Children can make each floral coloring page different by using colored pencils and crayons. Grown-ups can also create unique designs. The kids will have fun illustrating pollinators, tulip bulbs, petals, a daffodil, mod podge, a daisy, a sunflower, and a butterfly. 

There are more things to color, including spring flowers, beautiful flowers, a bee, and so much more. To showcase their talent and craft, kids can create a book with fantastic pieces of art.

Have more fun with the free printable flower coloring pages!