Scroll our downloadable and PDF flamingo coloring pages below.

The one thing that I find fascinating about Flamingos is that the food that they eat can turn their feathers pink. But, there are a lot of interesting facts about these tall birds. For instance, after doing research I found that Flamingos are the national bird of the Bahamas. This is why I think that spending some time learning more about Flamingos in these coloring pages is a good idea. In fact, our kids should enjoy using some bright-colored pens to color in these various pages. Keep on reading to find out what we can learn about these unique birds. 

1. There are Six Species of Flamingos

This is something that I didn’t even know. To me, all Flamingos look the same. Yet, science tells us that there are six and distinct species of this magnificent bird. However, it takes someone with a more trained eye than I do to know how to tell the difference between these types of birds. The one thing that I discovered though, and that is true for all six species is that adult Flamingos can be as tall as five feet. And they can weigh up to five pounds.

This is very astonishing when I think of the amount of body density that is needed for flying. This gives me fun ideas to make my flamingo coloring pages more exciting. I can spend a lot of time coloring my tall and large birds. 

2. They Feed in Mud

Another interesting fact about Flamingos is that they usually hover around mudflats and lagoons at times. They enjoy doing this because it’s easy for them to find saltwater prey that’s on the shallow end. Unlike other birds that we’ve seen that use their beaks to look for food, these birds stir up the mud with their feet to look for what they can eat.

Only after they see what they can eat do they use their beaks to scoop up their prey from the muddy water. So, when we notice that a Flamingo’s head is upside down in these coloring pages, we should assume that he is straining food out of the mud. 

3. They’re Monogamous 

I was surprised to find that birds can mate with one partner for a lifetime. It’s easy for us to assume that birds just fly and mate with whomever they wish for. But, these birds work in pairs. We’ll notice in our coloring pages that there’s always a mom and dad duo in a mud nest.

While doing research, I found out that both help with incubating the egg. In addition, they take turns feeding their chick. This is something that isn’t common in many species. So, when we’re busy coloring in our Flamingo pages, we should make sure that we highlight how mom and dad make a great team. 

4. They Live in Extreme Conditions 

The thing about Flamingos is that we will generally find them in areas that have brackish waters or shallow seawater. But, I’ve recently learned that there are other species of Flamingos that prefer to live in areas where there are extremely salty waters. Our skin wouldn’t handle being exposed to these waters. They’re so corrosive that they can burn right through our skin. In fact, most animals wouldn’t be able to inhabit these kinds of waters. 

Research still suggests that there is something unique about the physiological makeup of these birds. For instance, they likely have really tough skin to help them withstand the harshness of these conditions. However, there are still some species of Flamingos that struggle with walking in these extremely salty waters.