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Our kids love drawing fish. It’s likely the first thing that they learn to draw. This is why including fish coloring pages as part of their learning should be fascinating. The thing about fish is that they make exceptional pets, and they are very important in the ocean. There are various ecosystems that depend on fish to thrive and survive. There is so much that we can learn about fish. In addition, they can help us to imagine different things when we color in. Let’s take a closer look at the most interesting things about fish. 

Fish are Social Animals

I was surprised to learn that a school of fish is a very social group of animals that we can come across. Fish always want to form relationships. And they interact with diverse groups of fish to maintain their social side. They can even work together to look for prey. Fish believe that it’s better to do things with others than alone. So, when we are coloring in our fish, we should think of adding different colors. This should help us to show that we can find more than one type of fish in one place. 

They’re Smart

I remember growing up, and my mother would tell me that fish are some of the most intelligent animals that we can find. Whatever it is, there is always something about learning about fish that sparks our imagination. For example, they can learn how to use tools to help them navigate sticky situations in the water. Tools like rocks can be used by fish to open up clams or mussels if they need food. When we put them in a container, we should observe how they can shoot large volumes of water to catch any prey that is above their water level. 

They can Adapt

The great thing about some types of fish like salmon or trout is that they can adapt and live in different environments. They can live healthily whether we put them in saltwater or freshwater. They’ll still hatch their eggs in freshwater. Then, they can go on to the ocean water where they become full-grown. Our fish that can do this have special organs that make it easier for them to live in these extremely different waters. While we are busy with our fish coloring pages, we should make sure to show that some fish can live in both freshwater and saltwater. 

They Swim Long Distances 

When we look at salmon, we’ll notice that they prefer to hatch their spawn in freshwater. To get from the ocean to the right water for their eggs, they can travel for up to 30 miles a day to get to where they need to lay their eggs. In some cases, this journey can be a total of 2000 miles. This is a long distance when we think about how many days it can take them to swim upstream. Fortunately, fish like salmon are excellent swimmers. Plus, they can jump more than 6 feet if there are any obstacles that they meet along the way. 

They Change Color

Imagine trying to stick to the same colors in our coloring pages? The best thing about fish is that they can change their colors. Even though this is helpful for protecting them from being prey, it’s great for us. We can get away with using all the colors that we have. We can even mix our colors to show that other fish can have more than one color on their bodies. When it comes to our fish coloring pages, we are spoilt for choice with our color selection.