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An illustration of a fresh-faced elf carrying a present with one hand while his other hand is on his hips.
An illustration of an elf using his saw to create a wooden hand for a toy soldier.
An illustration of a wide-eyed elf saying hi as snow falls behind him.
Two elves hang around the work table surrounded by toys as father Christmas inspects a hammer.
An illustration of an elf skillfully building a beautiful dollhouse with his tools scattered on the ground.
An illustration of an elf merrily creating handmade dolls using his tool.
An illustration of an elf testing out some toys as a snowman family peers through the window.
A short-haired elf sits down with one of her legs going right through a roll of tissue paper.
A short-haired elf with a pointy hat sits on a bench, wearing a skirt made out of tissue paper.
A skinny elf with a mask hangs on to a roll of tissue paper with one of her legs propped up on a dispenser.
An illustration of an elf handing a piece of bread to another elf on a ladder in a bakeshop.
An illustration of a two elves cleaning up the place while an older elf with a long beard walks by.
An illustration of a happy elf carrying a present and standing beside his happy dog.
An illustration of a long-haired archer elf with his bow and arrow at the ready.
An illustration of a happy elf surrounded by various large gifts.
An illustration of three realistic elves carrying different toys around Santa’s workshop.
An illustration of two elves roasting marshmallows on a starry evening.
An illustration of two elves filled with glee as they find a present on the north pole.

Fun Facts About Elf for Kids

Hi smart kids!

Today, we’ll talk about the Christmas elf. First, the Christmas elf isn’t real, but a make-believe short character that performs magic. Some people call them Santa’s elf.

Santa’s magical elves or Santa’s helpers are other names for the Christmas elf. Also, the Christmas elf is said to live in the North Pole all year round as Santa Claus’ helper. 

Check out below more astonishing facts about the Christmas elf.

  •  The Christmas elf is tiny, with a height of fewer than 4 feet. They’ve got pointed ears. 
  • The standard costume of a Christmas elf is red or green with a pointy hat. They also appear with red cheeks. 
  • They also look like Norse mythological dwarves. But elves are energetic. 
  • Elves live in freezing environments, but their clothes keep them warm.
  • Those who believe elves live in tiny cottages say that these creatures beautify their homes with gingerbread, Christmas lights, and other objects.
  • Others say that elves live below ground or in forests. 
  • Elves can be either female or male.
  • An elf is also called a Christmas gnome, a magical creature.

What’s the History of Elves? 

  • Years ago, German stories said that elves lived in the heavens and then went underground. They became magical beings.
  • According to Scandinavian fairy tales, elves were magical dwarves that protected people’s homes from harmful spirits.
  • People saw elves as related to Father Christmas or St. Nicholas in the mid-19th century.
  • Louisa May Alcott, the author of an unpublished book, “Christmas Elves,” introduced the Christmas elf character in 1865.
  • But around the 17th century, American folktales popularized Santa Claus instead of Christmas elf.
  • The Christmas elves’ image became famous when an American magazine used it as an illustration cover on the front of Godey’s Lady Book for its1873 publication.
  • The image showed elves and toys surrounding Santa. Its caption pointed to Xmas preparations. 
  • Nowadays, some think that Christmas elves are full of magic and tricks. 
  • Children’s fables in the U.S., Canada, and the UK contain stories about elves.

What Are the Media Appearances of Elves?

  •  Many movies and television programs with a Christmas theme have featured the Christmas elf character. They include Arthur Christmas, Elf, Like Santa, and Santa’s Workshop. 
  • Valentine D’Arcy Sheldon produced a children’s picture book entitled ‘The Christmas Tree Elf.’ It’s about Santa’s meeting with the elves.

What Are the Duties of Santa’s Helper?

  • Some Christmas elf activities are helping Santa, baking cookies, riding on reindeer sleighs, making Christmas toys and candy, and more.
  • Christmas elves make toys throughout the year.
  • You may also see Christmas elves at the North Pole helping Santa in a toy workshop.
  • Santa’s elf may help with sorting letters from children in Santa’s mail section.
  • Christmas elves come in handy when Santa reads children’s letters.
  • Elves may accompany Santa during the delivery of letters.
  • They’re fond of eating candy and cookies.
  • No one knows the number of Santa’s helpers.

Free Printable Elf Coloring Pages

Hey kids and parents, here is a whole collection of elf coloring pages.  These printable pictures are excellent for preschoolers and toddlers. Parents can use the elf coloring pages to improve the fine motor skills of their little ones and ignite their creative ideas.

Older kids can also have a fun time working on the different free coloring pages. They can use colored pencils to create unique pieces of art. Also, they can make a book after working on the elf coloring pages. 

Each free printable coloring page gives children plenty of fun activities. Kids can color illustrations showing a little elf, a Christmas elf, an owl, Santa, and many more.