Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable elephant coloring pages below.

There is something that is majestic about elephants. From how they walk in packs, to how they take care of their young. Research has suggested that these large animals are very intelligent. And we can’t deny this. Chances are that we have seen how they do things, and they continue to evoke different emotions in us. Everyone wants to know something about elephants. Even our kids are intrigued by them. This is why having elephant coloring pages should be a great idea. We can get to learn more about what makes elephants tick. Let’s read on to find out more about why our elephant coloring pages are ideal. 

Interesting Facts about Elephants 

1. They are Very Large

I didn’t know that elephants are considered the largest animals that we have on land. If we want to see the largest elephant, we should go to Africa. African elephants are known to weigh up to 6 tonnes. But that’s not even the most interesting thing that I have learned about elephants. I was just as shocked to learn that they can live up to 70 years. This means that they reach their full size when they are around 40 years old. 

The great thing about having elephant coloring pages is that we can have fun without worrying about coloring within the lines. We have a large body that just needs to be filled with color. Everything, even the ears are the right kind of size to make coloring less stressful for us. 

2. The Ears Tell them Apart 

When we can’t decide whether we are coloring an African or Asian elephant, we should look at their ears. This is the easiest way for us to know the difference between the two. As luck would have it, the African elephant has much wider and larger ears. And they’re shaped similarly to the African continent. Even though the Asian elephant has smaller ears in comparison, they are also shaped like the Indian subcontinent. 

Wait, there’s more. Even their trunks are different. The African elephant has what is called two fingers at its tip. On the other hand, the Asian elephant only has one. These are seemingly small differences, but they can make the learning about these two continents fun as we get to explore more while we color in. 

3. Their Trunks have Skills

The first thing that we are likely to notice about elephants are their long trunks. In fact, research suggests that these trunks are their most sensitive organ with approximately 150 000 muscle units. These special organs are used for many things, the most common being eating food and drinking water. They can store up to 8 liters of water in there. In addition to all of this, elephants use their trunks as swimming snorkels. 

4. The Tusks are Teeth 

Elephant tusks are a beautiful sight to look at. However, a lot of us aren’t aware that these are actually overgrown incisors. They are useful when they are eating. And to dig up roots. Moreover, these tusks are made from ivory. This is a very rare resource that gets poachers to hunt animals. Unfortunately, this means that elephants are always under threat.  

5. They are Always Eating 

Elephants need a lot of food to keep going daily. According to research, they need an estimated 150kg of food a day. They spend more than half of the day eating. This is why having elephants in a zoo doesn’t sound like a good idea. They need to roam free to forage food throughout the day. And, they eat different things such as roots and tree barks.