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Fun Facts About Easter Eggs for Kids

What’s going on, kids? I know you like holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many more. What about Easter? It’s our little talk today. Maybe you’re wondering why all Easter celebrations have Easter eggs. Read on.

1. People have been using decorating eggs for a long time. Our friends who dig up old cities and towns found that some African people used ostrich eggs to beautify their homes years ago.

2. Can you dance with eggs? I hear you say, what? During Easter in Germany, some people place eggs on the floor. They dance around them without breaking even one egg. Incredible! Give it a try at Easter. 

3. Have you ever seen a giant Easter egg? There’s one that was over 34 feet tall, according to the Guinness World Records. The chocolate egg’s weight was 15,873 pounds. That’s huge! Someone in Italy in Cortenuova made the Easter egg.

4. Today’s Easter eggs are made with plastic. But cardboard was the material for Easter eggs a long time ago. These eggs were covered with a special fabric called satin. 

5. What’s the shape of some Easter eggs? They look like dinosaur eggs. That’s because some German chocolate makers thought of a clever way of hiding poorly-made chocolates. So, they created Easter eggs with rough, scaly, and crocodile-like skin.

6.  At one time, an Easter egg cost over $10 000 in Venezuela. That was pretty expensive. The egg weighed 110 pounds and had a decoration of flavored chocolate pieces. The flavors were black vinegar and cassis from Japan. The egg had gold flowers, too. Would you want such an egg? 

7. Have you ever taken part in an Easter egg hunt? About 10,000 kids participated in a search for 501 000 eggs in Cypress Gardens Adventure.

8. Do you know what woven containers for carrying eggs mean? Some people say that they stand for new life and nests. 

9. What do you eat during Easter? Years ago, some humans ate lamb for Easter celebrations. But many people today in America eat ham. 

10. Lilies have also come to be part of Easter celebrations. The Japanese started with the Easter lilies some ages ago. It was in the 18th century that lilies became a hit in England. After World War I, the U.S. caught up with the excitement of Easter lilies.

Free Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages

Now that you’ve learned some fantastic facts about Easter eggs, it’s time for more fun. You’ll work on a brilliant collection of free printable Easter egg coloring pages. For fun, you can also call them Easter printables or colored eggs for Easter. 

The printable coloring pages offer children plenty of Easter crafts. The kids need colored pencils to create beautiful chocolate eggs. Each Easter coloring page improves a child’s fine motor skills. 

Children will do plenty of fun-filled activities. They include coloring a large Easter egg, a cute Easter bunny, an Easter chick, an Easter basket, and an Easter egg hunt. 

There’s also the coloring of a beautiful Easter egg, a rabbit, the Easter season, and chocolate eggs. 

Let the kids have fun with the printable Easter coloring pages.