Scroll our downloadable and PDF duck coloring pages below.

When we’re raising kids, it’s important for us to learn a couple of things. Take these duck coloring pages for example. They’re a great way for us to learn that ducks are actually a better choice if we want to get them to learn about backyard poultry. Having a duck as a pet is a bit different from tending to our chickens.

While coloring in these duck coloring pages is educational, there is still a lot more information that we should know. In fact, this will help us to understand why coloring in ducks is a good idea for our kids. Keep on reading to find out more. 

1. Ducks Need a Water Source

Our standard chick waterers aren’t sufficient for our ducklings nor are the chicken containers for adult ducks. When we get busy with our coloring pages, we’ll notice that our ducks are usually submerged in water or floating above it. The reason behind this is that they need to keep their eyes and nostrils clean. So, dunking their entire head in water is a need. If we want to avoid having a water container that’s emptied in a heartbeat, we should consider getting ones that are deeper. 

2. Ducklings Need Water Supervision 

It’s common for us to swoon over a duckling from a pet shop and bring her home. However, we should be aware of the fact that when a duckling doesn’t hatch under its mother, it isn’t waterproof. This means that she will struggle with anything that has water. The possibility of her drowning is extremely high. This is why it’s crucial for us to ensure that we provide adequate supervision at all times. This doesn’t mean that we should avoid giving them swimming times. We should opt for a shallow dish of water instead to avoid any accidents.

3. They Need Supplements 

This was a very interesting fact that I stumbled on. If we’re getting ducks to breed at home, we should know everything about them. The thing is that when we’re raising animals, they need a lot more than just food. Sometimes, we have to ensure that they receive a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals. This is the case with our ducks. When they’re young, we should ensure that we give them the right amount of vitamin B3. 

The fact is that they need it more than our chicks do. The easiest way that we can ensure that our ducklings receive their recommended dose of this vitamin is by adding a soluble amount of brewer’s yeast supplement. It’s a great way to strengthen those bones and legs that we get to color in different shades of yellow and green in our coloring pages. 

4. Domesticated Ducks Can’t Fly 

It’s fascinating to learn that ducks flying is limited by whether they’re domesticated or not. Moreover, this puts them in a vulnerable position when compared to chickens. If we want to protect them, we should consider putting them in a secure pen or lock them in a coup. Although, it’s rare to find a duck in a secure pen for you to color in. 

5. Male Ducks Don’t Quack

First things first, we should know that male ducks are pretty aggressive when we compare them to their female counterparts. However, they don’t quack, even in their aggressiveness. This should be the first sign to know if we have a girl or boy duckling. Another interesting fact is that males have colorful feathers and curly tailed ones when we compare them to the females. So, when we start using bright colors on our coloring pages, then we should remember that we’re coloring in a male instead of a female.