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There are so many interesting things that we can learn about our pets such as our dogs. The more time that we spend learning about what keeps our dogs going, the more that we get to work on being better companions for them. This should help to improve their lives and ours. However, we’ll see from our coloring pages that dogs vary in different ways. Yet, there are still some facts that remain true to all our dog breeds. If the aim is to teach our kids a bit more about taking care of our dogs, then these dog coloring pages should be helpful. Let’s keep on reading to find out more about our favorite furry friends. 

What Makes Dogs Interesting Pets?

1. They Should Meet Strangers While Young

Introducing our dogs to people that they don’t know can be very overwhelming. However, if we want to improve their socialization, it’s important for us to ensure that we get this part right while they’re still pups. Experts even recommend that a puppy should be meeting at least 100 new faces in their first months of being born. This should help to reduce any nervousness from our dogs as they get older. We should think of how we handle certain situations that require us to meet new people. Our dogs are wired similar to us, this is why we fit so well together. 

2. Allergies to Food are Rare

It’s become so common for pet food companies to tell us that our puppies are allergic to certain foods. Yet, research suggests otherwise. Our dogs are not necessarily prone to food allergies as we might think they are. In fact, we’ve been made to believe that it’s better for us to opt for grain-free foods instead. However, there is more evidence that suggests that our dogs are likely to be allergic to protein based foods instead of grains. In addition, our dogs are less likely to develop a gluten allergy. So, we can feed them regular dog food without worrying too much about risks. 

3. They Have Sharp Noses

The fact of the matter is that our dogs have highly practical noses. They are always trying to process different scents. They generally have wet noses for a reason. Our dogs can use their wet nose to catch different scents from different directions. In fact, it’s surprising that dogs can smell separate things from each nostril. In addition to all of this hypersensitivity to scents, our dogs can also smell hormones. So, when we show any feelings of distress or anger, our dogs can smell these. But the most interesting fact about their smelling abilities is that they can process smells that have already happened. This means that they can tell if someone has just walked by even when we can’t. 

4. They Sweat Through Paws

Unlike us, our furry friends don’t breathe sweat through glands. They use their paws for that. This is why our dogs can give off a unique smell from their feet after a while. Whenever this smell becomes strong, it’s a sign that we should clean them up. If we don’t, then there’ll be a buildup of bacteria that can be a costly problem. To avoid many trips to our local vet, we should make sure that the paws get cleaned regularly. 

5. Their Smelly Breath is Abnormal 

Just like us, our dogs shouldn’t have smelly breath. If we start noticing a foul smell when they breathe next to us, we should know that there is a buildup of oral bacteria that needs to be cleaned. If the bad breath doesn’t go away, this could be a sign of gum disease. So, it’s best that we take them to a vet for q better observation.