Scroll our downloadable and PDF printable dinosaur coloring pages below.

Dinosaur coloring pages are a great way for us to take a dive into our imagination. Most importantly, they give us an opportunity to explore different colors as we try to bring our different dinosaur species to life. Our kids will love them because of the variations that they offer. And we’ll enjoy them even more when we learn about what makes dinosaurs such a special breed of animals.Even though they are extinct, these fun facts about dinosaurs should make these coloring pages much more exciting to tackle. 

1. They Lived Millions of Years Ago 

It’s a known fact that we’ve never come across a live dinosaur. Research believes that dinosaurs roamed the earth for more than 150 million years. And that they became extinct more than 60 million years ago. As a result, creating dinosaur coloring pages means that we’re using our imagination as much as we can. We have to think of possible dinosaurs that could’ve lived all those millions of years ago. 

2. More than 700 Dinosaur Species Lived

I thought that trying to imagine what a dinosaur would’ve looked like was difficult. Until I learned that there were more than 700 different types of dinosaurs that lived all those millions of years ago. When we go through our dinosaur coloring pages we’ll realize that we have different ones to color in. We have small and large ones. Ones that can fly and those that can’t. The fun thing about these coloring pages is that there aren’t any limits to what our kids can discover. We can even color in dinosaurs that are herbivores and those that are carnivorous. 

3. They Lived on all Continents 

A lot of us aren’t aware of the fact that dinosaurs lived in all parts of the world. In fact, there have been fossils that have been discovered everywhere, including Antarctica. This is how we now know that dinosaurs roamed freely all over the world. Paleontologists, the people who look for dinosaur fossils, believe that the earth must’ve been one large thing millions of years ago. Our fun dinosaur coloring pages should give us a world adventure. We can show the different parts of the world where we could find dinosaurs. 

4. Some Present-day Animals Descend from Dinosaurs

Even though we know that dinosaurs are extinct, there are still animals that come from this incredible species. If we look at animals like crocodiles, lizards, and snakes, we can see how they evolved from dinosaurs. 

5. Most were Herbivores 

It’s surprising to learn that out of the 700 species of dinosaurs, the majority of them were herbivores. The thing about this type of ecosystem is that many of the smaller dinosaurs that relied on eating plants would end up being prey for the larger and carnivorous ones. So, even though we had more herbivores, it doesn’t mean that they were the strongest in this large pool of various dinosaurs. 

6. They Protected their Young

We all know how important it is to protect our young. Animals are also driven by natural instincts to protect their young from any harm. When we look at how dinosaurs lived, we can tell that they needed to be extra careful to make sure that the vulnerable ones avoided being prey. Since the eggs could reach nearly 20 inches in length, they had to build large nests to ensure maximum protection. Luckily, research shows us that younger dinosaurs grew very quickly. It took a few years for them to reach their full growth. When we are coloring our dinosaur pages, we should focus our attention on the nests as well.