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Did you know that deer are the only animals that you’ll come across with antlers? These mammals have a lot of interesting features that make coloring fun. If you want to spend your time learning about deer, you should grab these deer coloring pages, color pens, and let the creativity find you. The most interesting thing that you’ll learn about antlers is that they’re living tissue. In fact, they’re the fastest growing living tissue that you’ll ever come across, in the entire world. But, what else should you know about deer before you start with these different deer coloring pages? You should keep on reading to find out more. 

Amazing Things About Deer

1. You’d be surprised to find that there are more than 60 different types of deer species in the entire world. However, you won’t find them in Antarctica. This means that you can find them in an array of habitats. It doesn’t matter whether it’s mountainous or wet rainforests. Moreover, Africa has its unique species Barbary deer. 

2. An average-sized deer is generally referred to as a buck. But, when it gets bigger, it’s called a stag. On the other hand, female deer are called doe or hinds. There’s no difference between a young male or female deer. Both are called fawns. Yet, when they grow up, you can start seeing the differences by the presence of antlers. However, a reindeer, a female species of Caribou, is the only one that can grow antlers. 

When it comes to antlers, all but one species doesn’t have any. This is the Chinese water deer. Since they don’t have antlers, they have long and sharp canine teeth that can grow up to 3 inches in length. Antlers are likely the most fascinating thing about deer. They fall off annually, then they regrow. When they start growing again, you can witness a furry and velvety coat that covers them. This coat covering is very important to help them grow quickly. It also has blood vessels and nerves that ensure these antlers grow quickly. 

3. While deer are excellent swimmers and can jump up to 10ft high, they choose to be less active in winter. This helps them to preserve as much energy as they can. The thing is that there is usually less food available for them to eat. With deer, they tend to move around depending on the food resources that are available. 

4. It’s very common for you to come across light or medium shades of brown. What isn’t common though is coming across one that’s white. Even though this is rare, and you have a better chance of coming across one in folklore and myths, they actually do exist. Their unique color is causes by a condition known as leucism. This causes a deer to lose its natural hair and skin color. 

Unfortunately, white stags a hunted a lot. It’s important to keep the news of seeing one to yourself. Poachers can make thousands of dollars from them.